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      1. SOQ

        “There are almost no franchise shops along this stretch. Instead, Capel Street is littered with independently owned supermarkets and grocers from around the world.

        Some of Dublin’s best Asian supermarkets are found in the area. The largest of these is Super Asian Foods. Here, you’ll find a huge variety of ingredients that aren’t available elsewhere. There’s also a small restaurant to the rear of the supermarket.

        A little further up, you’ll find Moldova which sells Moldovan, Romanian, Bulgarian and all manner of Eastern European food. It’s unlikely you’ll find a bigger, more diverse selection of gherkins anywhere else in the city. It’s also home to the largest watermelon we’ve ever seen.

        You’ll also find delicious baklavas, turkish delight, turkish coffee and borek at Ayla Foods, as well as brigadeiros, empadas and coxinha at Real Brasil on the corner of Great Strand Street.”


        1. johnny

          fixed it.
          “There are almost no anchor or credit tenants along this stretch…
          -as the socio economic profile and disposable income leans towards poverty,but cause no cars is ‘popular’ and the greens.

          1. Ghost of Yep

            “I am a bellend”

            Fixed it for you. You could probably just use the above for most of your posts if you want to save time. Xoxo

        2. jonjoker

          Just a few weeks ago, I walked down the street, choc-a-bloc with cars. This is a huge improvement!
          As well as the shops you’ve mentioned, and all the small businesses, there’s a nice Spanish foodshop on Capel St. too, and just past the northern end of the street, there’s a Hungarian foodshop – on Ryder’s Row, I think. One of the most interesting streets in the city today, IMO.

  1. Cú Chulainn

    It would be better if the council had provided alternative space for cars to get across the river. And before all the ‘use the bus comments’, not everyone can use the bus, and it is adding an additional 20+ minutes to cross over, which adds pollution and annoyance… Dublin is the worst managed city in the world..

    1. tom3

      This is it. I never wanted to go down Capel street, I just wanted to get out of the city and the options are extremely limited for people who live west and are in the north inner city.

  2. johnny

    …look bout right,not a shopping bag among them.still at least the kids dont have dodge cars and trucks while shopping,sorry playing in the streets….

      1. Big Lad

        Actually, the only people who were against it (and it was just ONE shop) were against it because they were concerned about getting deliveries. I’m not going to say who it was but it was a big shop and it begins with an ”L”.

        1. johnny

          ..it’s like asking people if they in fav of Mothers Day.
          low hanging fruit for the greens.

  3. Hughie Luas

    IT – his a good one.

    Sir, – The Government’s endless and reckless pedestrianisation of urban areas needs to stop. Covid-19 decimated towns and city centres throughout the country and forced us to shop online.

    Now with the country reopening, and businesses finally getting back on their feet, we are seeing streets closed in favour of hipsters with frappuccinos.

    The pedestrianisation of Capel Street in Dublin is just the start. Where will they pedestrianise next? The M1? – Yours, etc,



    Co Donegal.


        1. ce

          ” forced us to shop online” – jeff bezos personally comes around to my house once a week and makes me shop online… before during and after the pandemic…

  4. Broadbag

    We’re becoming an awful pudgy lot, younger and younger plodding around with a paunch, the middle-aged spread is now becoming the mid-20s/mid-teens spread, obesity epidemic incoming.

    *goes back to eating Toffypops*.

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