This morning.

Barnamore Crescen, Finglas, Dublin 11

The House in which the mother of James Whelan lives was set alight on Sunday morning. James Whelan was shot dead two months ago in an ongoing gangland feud.

Via Sunday World:

We can also reveal how just hours after the arson attack destroyed Sonya Whelan’s home and taxi – the gang-boss’ crew took to social media taunting: ‘”Flashy is loving all of this … James is dead and mammy is all on her own now.”

Revealed: Shocking aftermath of ‘Mr Flashy’ gang attack on James Whelan mum’s house (Sunday World)


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11 thoughts on “In Finglas

    1. scottser

      having a gun in tallaght is grand, unless you shoot and kill an unarmed man as he’s walking away from you.

        1. johnny

          (trashy’s gang is aligned with the tallaght based Rice crew:)
          still you’d almost,miss OG’s like Eamonn Kelly keep the peace in the ghettos.

    2. Kin

      I had to read it twice to get the picture firstly I thought it was to make the Ukrainian refugees fell a bit of deja vu

  1. Hughie Luas

    In fairness, Whelan was a total effin scumbag into his watches and gucci.

    Where was mammy and daddy?

  2. Boe_Jiden

    these areas are deprived theres no facilities and nothing to do it’s no wonder these kids take a wrong turn and get into difficulty the goverment has to do more for these deprived areas more money for programs and places to go for the kids so they can get back on track.

    1. Hughie Luas

      The Irish Times readers have the answer:

      Sir, – Considering the large degree of anti-social behaviour among the young, the willingness to use knives, the lack of respect for persons and property, is it time to bring in national service?

      The Defence Forces are lacking personnel. A spell in the Naval Service at sea would sort most of them out, give them a purpose in life and a degree of self-respect. – Yours, etc,



      Co Dublin.

      Working out well for Vladimir Putin, innit?

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