Look Around The Lies



A compilation of howlers from frequently fact-checked MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace.

They call her The Typhoid Mary of Disinformation.

In tribute to our own Typhoid Mary, we’re calling her Nigella.


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14 thoughts on “Look Around The Lies

    1. Ian - oG

      What did you expect?

      Professionalism? Balance? Common decency?

      I used to come for Harry’s Dublin and a few other good pieces, now I just come to watch the slow motion car crash as it happens.

  1. johnny

    ….most people just watch Nicolle,what are words when you’re that smart,funny and beautiful,but just background noise.

  2. Commenter #1

    “In tribute to our own Typhoid Mary, we’re calling her Nigella.”

    Lol so pathetic. Grown men!

  3. Nigel

    Never a good sign when the video is edited to the degree that the subject can barely say more than three words at a time, and the facts used to fact-check the fact-checker are either incredibly questionable and/or throroughly decontextualised, but either way over-edited to eyeblink brevity. This isn’t even the shallow end of the journalism pool, this is broken glass from the car-park outside the leisure centre. For all I know she could be a really bad fact-checker – but this is unquestionably bad fact-checking of the fact-checker. Thought you couldn’t get worse than Project Veritas, but you proved me wrong.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Poor Glenn, reduced to being a Faux news pundit. Will he be peddling great replacement rubbish like his colleague Cucker?

    1. Chris

      Poor Derpy Daisy. She see’s the ‘Fash’ hiding behind every tree – but wouldn’t recognize class warfare if it rolled up her sleeve and jabbed her repeatedly.

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