These Booths Were Made For Talking



Times Square, New York, New York, USA.



Unhappy days.

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12 thoughts on “These Booths Were Made For Talking

  1. stephen moran

    What would P O’Neill have done ?
    It is amazing how it dates movies – like seeing the Twin Towers in the background of a NYC skyline

  2. U N M U T U A L

    Fonzie, a man once famous for his use of digital communication… giving this the thumbs down.

    When asked for a comment, replied,
    “aaay! Let your fingers do the talking…”

  3. Kin

    I want to buy one for my pub so I can use it as a bit of a feature
    These will be worth a fortune in years
    Like the old red UK phone booths

      1. Kin

        I was thinking in the lines of using them for a computer for comments from customers and the booths put in the jacks
        Still trying to spot you outside the pub and cannot see you

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