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17 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

    1. Kin

      Nah just no rooms for tourists and it’s a buyers market
      Time to up the cost to the state from €€75 a night to €300 a night

  1. Junkface

    No one fleeces the population like Ireland. Even the tourists get a shakedown. #RipOffIreland is trending for a reason. Corruption and price fixing is a sport.

    1. Kin

      And government dose nothing because everyone will be so pissed off and they blame russia
      Maybe the plan is to put off tourists then they can fill the rooms with refugees

  2. SOQ

    A friend of mine was told she is to be made redundant from PayPal yesterday. They are moving the unit to China apparently. It all reminds me of the IT shift in the late nineties. Similar story- someone I knew worked for IBM and she was asked to go to Beijing to train the new people. She said there was roughly half the staff as Dublin, and they were on quarter of the equivalent wage.

    Ireland now has third highest cost of living apparently. Most companies are not keeping wages up but some have to, in order to keep their staff. Then there is the overall increases in operation costs, especially energy. I suspect this is not the last move PayPal or indeed other multinationals will make- more likely to be the begining of an old trend.

    As for the hotel prices- a lot of people complaining about the hikes for Pride weekend, although that is being blamed on the refugees. Is there really so many rooms full with refugees?

  3. TenPin Terry

    I mentioned this last week.
    Some multi-username gombeen on here said I must be anti-Irish.
    There’s more gouging going on than in that fight at Dublin airport last night.
    Feckless Paddy filling his boots.

  4. Paulus

    That turndown service doesn’t pay for itself ya know. Saw a hotel ad recently with featured ‘Luxury turndown service’
    What’s that, two chocs instead of one?
    Bedsheet origami?
    The ride?

  5. Madam X

    Two issues causing high hotel prices. 1/ Huge increase in Holiday travellers into Ireland. 2/ Large number of rooms given to Ukraine refugees, asylum seekers. From that and the loss of revenue over the Pandemic hotels are trying to make up losses.

    1. Kin

      You forgot
      Energy prices doubled
      Fuel prices sky high
      Increased wage rises for staff
      Insurance sky high
      At least 25% increase in supplies

  6. wearnicehats

    According to Newstalk almost 29,000 Ukrainians have arrived in Ireland to date, with 19,826 of those requiring accommodation and the majority of that 19,826 are being accommodated in many hotels around the country.

    1000, for example, are in hotels in Killarney

    Only this week Statistics from the Department of Children show that in addition to the 29,000 people fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there have been 3,353 asylum applications in the first four months of 2022; In the whole of last year, there were 2,649 applications.

    Hundreds of refugees from Ukraine are set to be moved out of Dublin’s Address Hotel to make room for asylum seekers from other countries as Ireland’s supply of emergency accommodation comes under increased pressure. The Business Post reports that the Department of Children informed residents in the 4-star Address Hotel in central Dublin last week that single people will be relocated to St. Patrick’s College Campus and families of two will be moved to Dublin City University’s Glasnevin Campus. In March, The Address Hotel informed the public that the hotel had been privately booked until “at least Autumn 2022”

    1. Kin

      And it’s really going to get worse next month when the tourist season kicks off
      And all local businesses that need the summer to survive ,what about them?
      No hotels no tourists
      So where will these refugees go or how will every business dependent on customers swallow a possible bankruptcy
      I am sure many dependent on tourism are not going to sit idly by and face ruin making their sacrifice for zelensky

  7. Diddy

    Not looking good at all. Still plenty of job adds on indeed paying around €30k in Dublin. Peanuts. and only viable if you already have a bed/bedroom in Dublin.

    The multis may reconsider ireland should this grotesque property issue continue

  8. GiggidyGoo

    2004 Hotel prices Galway races – €450 to €500 per night. Must be in the thousands now :-)

  9. Kin

    As soon as the whole cancerous system collapses the better
    Frankly at this stage I think if Russia takes over nothing could get worse

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