114 thoughts on “Sunday’s Papers

        1. Tom J

          Why does he/she post so many links that have no meaning, it’s not the first time it’s happened.

          1. K. Cavan

            Those links express Ferg’s deepest thoughts far better than he ever could. Better to refer to the source material than the blurry & messed-up photocopy of those thoughts that exists inside his head.
            The MSM thinks for Ferg, he’s just allowing them to speak for him, too.
            Not that his thought processes aren’t fiercely Independent.
            And Guardian, RTE, BBC, etc.

        1. Tom J

          It’s not my link. That’s what comes up on the screen when I click on his link. Error 404.

          1. barry

            Its just stories about the British Royal Family and Boris Johnson that wouldn’t make the front page of any Irish paper.

    1. Kin

      Jesus fergie
      Rather Boris than kier starmer who was in charge of the CPS when June first investigation regarding child sexual abuse against jimmy savile was dropped being PM
      so what he had parties
      They were all at it including members of the public with their mens sheds

  1. john f

    So all of the inflation was caused by the Ukraine war? It had nothing to do with governments around the world turning on the printing presses over the past 5 years. It’s no wonder that NATO, EU, US, et cetera keep ploughing weapons into the Ukraine and keeping the war going as long as possible.
    They can use it as cover and an excuse for all of the pre-existing domestic problems.
    Thankfully the public by and large do not seen to be buying the monkeypox BS. There is more and more about it in the media every day. It’s like the public is being primed for bigger disaster stories, restrictions and lockdowns later on in the year.

    1. Ronnie

      They might just be trying to stop a tyrant from invading a sovereign country for his own interests Joe?
      You know there is only so much people can do without causing nuclear warfare on the planet.

      1. bisted

        …the victors get to write the history…it will show the US used it’s proxy armies to wage a war against Russia…it backed nazis to precipate regime change in Ukraine…the absence from the headlines show the Red Army must be well on their way to achieving their objectives of denazifying and demilitarising Ukraine…

        1. anti bot

          Godwins law. use nazis in any argument and you have automatically lost that argument

          1. GiggidyGoo

            You’re such a clown anti bot. You’ve just done it.
            Why are you so stupid. Go on tell us. Run away. Etc. Etc

          2. E'Matty

            Godwins law isn’t a law of any kind. It’s complete bollywox. When referencing actual swastika wearing nazis it’s even more ridiculous. Use Godwins Law and YOU lose the argument. I call it E’Mattys Law and it has as much value as Godwins.

          3. Kin

            Bad wins law zelensky and his allies NATO USA EU have cost every one living in europe jobs and many put in poverty plus a massive recession
            Russia the jury is out as media regarding Russia is zero
            But the biggest **rd supremac pattie is yet to be delivered to the Ukrainian people minus one quarter of their country
            Lesson learnt
            Do not provoke a rabid pig (Putin)

          4. bisted

            …I would rather lose an argument by using nazis than lose a war…maybe they will call it Zelenskys Law…everybody loses because of this proxy war…except the yanks, of course…

        2. Nigel

          You say the victors, but Russia hasn’t won and you’re already parroting Russian propaganda.

          1. Mad

            Are there ever winners in any war? I deplore that sort of terminology. But the point Bisted makes is ostensibly and manifestly correct.

          2. Nigel

            What, that Russian propaganda will become official history if Russia wins in Ukraine? That might be true in Russia and in Ukraine under a new brutal regime, but not in the rest of the world. As for declaring the war over, the war was declared over on its very first day. The Ukrainians disagreed then, I expect they disagree now.

            Also, you are correct to doubt the use of the term ‘win.’ Russian victory is looking more pyrrhic by the day. By rights Russia owes Ukraine billions in reperations, but what are the chances of them getting any?

          3. Mad

            The point bisted made (you idiot) was that as Russia established dominance in several parts of sic, Independent Ukraine , we have received less and less lectures from Zelensky in our national parliaments, on every billboard, Sky News, BBC, even when we go to take a piss etc

          4. bisted

            …I don’t hear any Russian propaganda…the channels have been blocked but I’ve no doubt it would be equal and opposite…thanks to WikiLeaks I know I’ve been lied to by the US in every conflict they’ve been involved in…why would I suddenly believe them now?

          5. Nigel

            We hear Russian propaganda all the time, from you, bisted.

            Mad – have we? Does that mean everything that happened before now suddenly vanishes from your goldfish memory? Or that you start believing Russia?

          6. Mad

            It means nothing of the sort
            And I’m sorry for being unnecessarily nasty to you there – you don’t deserve that either. But you’re wilfully misconstruing the points Bisted made. Always trying to twist the things around to your little narrow view of what you think people said. It’s tremendously irritating

          7. SOQ

            It’s looking increasingly likely that Ukraine will be no more- at least as we know it. Poland has granted all Ukrainians same rights as Polish in Poland and Ukraine has responded in kind.

            Except Ukraine went further and is going to allow Poles run in Ukrainian elections. Well what is left of the smaller landlocked Ukraine anyway.

            No matter what way you look at it, the Azov Nazis are screwed, because the poles hate them too.

          8. Nigel

            Why? Russia is still struggling to finish taking the so-called breakaway region, which is just a small sliver of eastern Ukraine. Even when they do take it, can they hold it?

          9. K. Cavan

            I’m surprised you aren’t trumpeting the story in The Star querying whether Putin is dead, Nigel. Your friends, the Nazi hordes of Azov, Ajdar, White Hammer & The Right Sector, may have succeeded where Napoleon’s Continental Army & Hitler’s Wehrmacht failed, by surrounding Moscow & cornered, he may have chosen suicide, rather than face defeat at the hands of the Hohols.
            Or perhaps the end of The Empire Of Lies is in sight? It’s attempt to enforce its degenerate & murderous plans in Europe hasn’t gone so well, despite soaking Ukraine in blood, just like Syria, Libya, Afghanistan & Iraq.
            Mass murder of civilians to boost the poll ratings of corrupt & incompetent US politicians may be a thing of the past, Paediatric Transgender Surgery & classrom child-grooming may turn out to be a pipedream & the fake climate science, divisive Woke bigotry & technocratic bio-fascism which form the cornerstones of your vision of a Globalist Reich may have met it’s ultimate match, Humanity.
            Your heroes in Davos sound more like the ranting psychopaths they actually are, this year. Hopefully, this is the last time they get to sit, hatching their evil schemes, undisturbed, in the country where the planet’s dirty money goes to be laundered.

          10. K. Cavan

            The AFU have reached the end of the road, there are almost more of their soldiers surrendering now, than are being denazified. Russia will indeed take the small sliver of territory, when they reach Transnistra & leave Ukraine a landlocked rump, waiting for the inevitable Polish invasion from the West & the end of its time as a fully-controlled subsidiary of MI6 & the CIA.
            Bye, bye, Uncle Sam, don’t come back. Missing you already…

          11. jonjoker

            Things aren’t so simple though Niggle.
            I follow https://liveuamap.com/
            It’s a Ukranian website, not favorable to Russia, which means that any Russian gains they show are likely to be true.
            They show that while the attack around Kiiv didn’t work, a huge area of land to the north of Crimea was taken over by Russia.
            Crimea is connected to the continent by a small neck of land – I keep asking myslef how it is that Russia was able to take an area of ten thousand square miles or more in a question of days, while everyone was looking at the feint towards Kiiv.
            And overall, they now control about forty to fifty thousand sq miles of Ukraine – and area considerably larger than Ireland.
            Like yourself, I have no idea what Russia’s original aim was – but they have taken over a huge area of the country and seem to be expanding in some places.
            I have no idea how the war will end, but right now it seems to me as if Russia has met at least some of its war aims.

          12. Kin

            Oh but Nigel they have
            The degree is yet to be worked up
            At this moment in the EU the **rd sandwich is being prepared as we speak for the Ukrainian people
            Meanwhile the whole EU are housing feeding and caring for Ukrainians who fled this needless war
            And are we to actually foot the bill for this war and caring for the Ukrainian displaced

            Have not seen any Ukrainians knocking at the doors of local businesses looking for work

          13. Kin

            Nigel are you responding to bisted or me
            Both of us are correct and neither of us stated who won what
            He simply went on about winners writing history
            I stated fact and what’s coming down the line

          1. K. Cavan

            ABC Australia? Dear me, Barry, when you have to reach that far down under, you run the risk of getting merde all over your fingers & that piece of stinky stuff you’ve dragged up is proof.
            Talk about going to the ends of the earth, eh?

          2. Barry

            There are many sources available but none will satisfy you as you only listen things you agree with.

            If you think there aren’t plenty of neo-nazis in Russia you’re delusional. And if you think Putin wouldn’t use them for his own purposes you’re daft.

      2. K. Cavan

        Sovereignty, “an outdated & backward” idea for Ireland, yet worth going to war for, in Ukraine?
        Russia has a lot of people in it, Ronnie, very few of them want nukes, controlled by the only nation ever to use them, on their border.
        As for Ukraine being Sovereign, that’s simply childish nonsense. Violent coups & political machinations by foreign secret services tend to reduce a nations’ sovereignty rather substantially, as anyone who’s a member of the EU can tell you.

  2. Ronnie

    The alarmist crap about monkeypox from some media outlets are really ridiculous. HSE are “bracing themselves” for something that has had multiple previous small outbreaks in the past and has been well studied and a vaccine is already in place. People have been been through enough over the last few years with COVID without this scare mongering

    1. K. Cavan

      It sells Newspapers & keeps the sheep glued to the TV screen, Ronnie, allowing advertising money & bribes from Gates & Soros to replenish the empty coffers of the Corporate Media. Priorities, priorities.

  3. Cú Chulainn

    A hundred and one years of solitude. NI centenary celebrated by a sectarian organisation having a sectarian March to a sectarian statelet.

    1. TenPin Terry

      An innocent man put through hell by the incompetence of CSI Spud-U-Like and the pitchfork-wavers of the duelling-banjoes badlands of West Cork.
      I admire the man’s bravery in adversity when others of a weaker constitution might have wilted and would now be rotting in a French jail.
      Imagine destroying a key piece of evidence – a gate for goodness sake – because ” de boss wanted to make a bit of room at de Garda station like ” .
      This case has exposed the Third World nature of Ireland’s criminal justice system which is rotten and corrupt to the core.
      If Bailey was Irish there would be public outrage at his treatment.

      1. Mad

        Usually when people return from a break in the sun, they are more relaxed than prior, and at one with the world.
        Your approach however is to double down on the old racist hatred of the Irish huh?

        1. Micko

          “old racist hatred of the Irish”

          Lol. You’re literally the same race.

          Words mean stuff ye know.

          1. TenPin Terry

            Indeed Micko.
            Add to that the hypocrisy of multi-usrrname posters who spend their days on here pouring out vitriolic Anglophobic bile yet squeal like a stick pig when someone has the temerity to criticise an aspect of the state where they live and in which they pay a significant amount of taxes.
            Go home if you don’t like it is the usual bigoted response from the same slack-jawed simpletons who bleat that Blighty isn’t welcoming to migrants.
            As ever Micko you’re one of the few sensible and independently-minded people on here.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Multi usernames?
            Charger Salmons
            Admiral Nelson
            Ollie Cromwell
            … to mention but a few. How many have you had now? Hypocrisy you were saying?

          3. Micko

            douchebag? Moi? ;-)

            Anyway, I believe you’re talking about ethnicity, and Terry’s “ethnic dislike (hatred?) ” of aspects of Irish culture or ethnicity. ;-)

            Same as some people here don’t like British culture. Two sides of the same coin.

            Anyway, do races even exist?


            “the Human Genome Project has confirmed that the genomes found around the globe are 99.9 percent identical in every person. Hence, the very idea of different “races” is nonsense.”

          4. K. Cavan

            I think you’ll find, Micko, that you share the majority of your genes with a duckbilled platypus. It’s the difference between Genotype & Phenotype, small differences in one points to enormous differences in the other.
            A can opener & a bullet may be made of roughly the same stuff but I don’t recommend trying to open a can with the latter. Very messy.

          5. Micko

            Indeed Cavan. But not 99.9%

            But that’s the point. That 0.1% that makes us the “race” of human we are is as different between you and I “white lads”, is as different to someone from a different “so called race” to us.

            There is only one race.

            The human race. ;)

        2. K. Cavan

          Describing the cesspit of corruption & incompetence that is our Criminal Justice system as corrupt & incompetent is definitely Racist.
          If you’re Mad.

      2. benblack

        @Tenpin Venables

        Convicted murderer – in a French/EU court.

        Driving directly to the crime scene without having been informed of the location by newspaper editors – not that I trust newspaper editiors now, but, they were trustworthy/semi-trustworthy back in 1996.

        Logically – and I know that murderous events are not logical – there are no other credible suspects in this case.

        His decision to stay in the area is most damning.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    % Clown hasn’t an ounce of decency..
    Johnson bringing the UK back to the days of One Pound One and One Pence.
    His cabinet wish he was a farthing. The further the better.
    The Empire strikes Backwards!

  5. Kin

    Banning bookie shops is a bit like banning pubs
    Alcoholics can always go to the supermarket and off licence or garage to buy cut price booze
    All the compulsive gambler has to do is go on line
    On line gaming is the problem
    Ban that
    Also ban the sale of scratch cards and the lotto while you are at it
    Infact ban stock trading for that is very addictive in wall street
    Just look at the frenzy at closing bell and the traces of coke left behind in the toilets

    1. Mad

      You’re attempting to deny that your industry encourages and promotes alcoholism and your sister industry of gambling promotes similarly addiction, depression and destructive behaviour

      1. K. Cavan

        That’s right, Mad, the same way cutlery manufacturers promote knife crime & Renault promote drink-driving.

      2. Kin

        Firstly we are a food pub 70% of our trade is food
        Secondly I still look out my window looking for you to serve you a drink
        It’s getting like the chocolate egg hunt here
        I was making a comparative
        The other addiction is narcotics
        Let’s not go there

  6. Mad

    I don’t know whether Shayna is around today but Jaysus yesterday was a great day in GAA from a Tyrone perspective …

  7. TenPin Terry

    Yesterday was the perfect day for those in the neutral corner watching two teams convinced of their rightful destiny being delivered a harsh lesson in championship sport.
    The goys of Leinster were already annointed 5-times winners by their sycophants in the Irish media.
    Nice to see Ronan O’Gara deliver the coup de grâce to what was effectively the Irish national team and what a great coach he is becoming.
    Liverpool – being Liverpool – naturally assumed that coming from the City of Entitlement the Cup was rightfully theirs.
    Seeing their whiney supporters getting gassed by the French was just the icing on the cake.
    The Scousers are the most loathed team in English football – not just for booing the national anthem but for having collective amnesia about Heysel while preaching to others about Hillsborough. It’s no coincidence Liverpool is the most Irish city in Blighty.
    Seeing a Scouser celebrating a goal in the final PL game of the season in a packed bar by running around making a tool of himself and then watching everyone else erupt in derision when it was disallowed was one of the highlights of our recent sunny sojourn.
    Well done Real Madrid and La Rochelle for providing a great final day of the season.
    And now it’s time for the cricket.

      1. Hughie Luas

        Pretty much par-for-the-course Sunday carvery second helpings stuff.

        “Cork saddos stay up all night refreshing screen every 30 seconds and posting links to out-shout each other”

    1. f_lawless

      Third last sentence in the article:

      ‘Prof Kjærgaard added: ‘These compounds have always been around – we just didn’t know about them. ‘

  8. TenPin Terry

    Delays update …
    Dublin Airport this morning warned that passengers may miss their flights due to long queues building up.
    Airport said travellers should contact airlines early on Sunday due to issues at security screening and check-ins.
    The Sindo reports ” Some people took to social media to document their experience this morning.
    At 10.50am, one Twitter user said he has been queuing for three hours outside the terminal building.
    Meanwhile, another person tweeted that people are arriving at boarding gates and “breaking down in tears either because they have missed their flight or from the relief of just making it.”
    Who knew that travel has been hit right across Europe by staff shortages at a busy holiday period ?
    Certainly not the multi-username Own Goal Onanist™


  9. Nigel

    World’s richest man thinks the poors overdue a wake-up call:

    With the invasion of Ukraine and lockdowns in China putting added pressure on a supply chain that has yet to recover from the ongoing pandemic, many are predicting a global recession. Elon Musk says bring it on.
    “This is actually a good thing,” Musk said in response to a question from a Twitter user. “It has been raining money on fools for too long. Some bankruptcies need to happen.
    “Also,” he continued, “all the Covid stay-at-home stuff has tricked people into thinking that you don’t actually need to work hard. Rude awakening inbound!”

    1. TenPin Terry

      And he’s correct.
      Society has a duty to protect the weak and vulnerable.
      But not if they smoke 20 fags a day, live on frozen pizza and takeaways and refuse to give up their Sky Sports and Movie subscription.
      The pandemic has also reduced the ” pinched ” middle class ” to complain about having to shop at Lidl rather than SuperValu.
      It’s time for some tough medicine Thatcher-stylee.
      Anyway, I’d better unpack the suitcases and plan our next sunshine jolly.

    2. K. Cavan

      All this media chitter-chatter is based on the false premise that our political leaders are not attempting to drive our entire economy, society & indeed civilization over a cliff, hoping it will land on The Great Reset, which is exactly what they are doing. Imagine believing Biden, Johnson, von der Leyen or Varadker actually care about the idiots who allow them into positions of power.
      Biden was, of course, elected by fraud, von der Layen, well, nobody really knows how she got the gig & Varadkar, the only sitting Taoiseach not to be elected on the first count still ends up as Taoiseach, some people never get the message.

      1. Chris

        The whole article is built on a faulty premise – ie, the millennial cult that has been built up around ‘Climate Change’ is a secular, empirical scientific led logical certainty – when it most certainly is not. It’s a guilt based cult and the ‘science’ it’s based upon is isn’t worthy of the title.

        One thing that is certain, is that we are past the ‘point of no return’ when it comes to the academic rigueur of the past – it has served its purpose. The world it has built is now on the chopping block of international elite finance. The ‘science’ will say whatever is needed to achieve their aims, hence the unrelenting focus on idealizing students as opposed to teaching them.

        Thankfully, they’re enough academics with a penchant for the truth that can ascertain faulty ‘science’ – so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another form of ‘Great Reset’ in the sciences in the next decade or so. As opposed to the continual process of the past – where science built on science, decades of data will have to be reviewed and probably discounted.

        The above paragraphs stand in stark contrast, but I’ve thankfully become recently aware that there has been people keeping tabs within most levels and societies that are facilitating the current paradigm. The ‘conch’ at the moment is Fiat currency, but the hubris of the holders will likely be their downfall.

        In reference to David’s recent article about peoples exodus from the perilous possible future I’d argue that standing your ground is paramount. Don’t do anything that will knowingly help them to achieve their aims. There’s no need, they’ve already overplayed their hand.

        1. Nigel

          The climate is changing around us as we speak. May saw records of highest AND lowest temperatures broken all over the world.

  10. TenPin Terry

    Forty years ago this weekend Blighty was engaged in the bitter struggle to regain the Falkland Islands after an illegal invasion by forces of the Argentinian junta led by General Galtieri.
    Yesterday marked the anniversary of the Battle of Goose Green.
    During the bloody struggle, 2 PARA were outnumbered and outgunned but prevailed against the odds with immeasurable bravery, writing themselves into the annals of airborne history.
    Today, thanks to their efforts and Margaret Thatcher’s tenacity and bloody-mindedness, the Falklanders are free, prosperous, thriving and 100% in favour of remaining part of Great Britain.
    He Who Dares Wins.

    1. barry

      Of course they want to remain in the UK. They are a bunch of Brits on a stolen island.

      1. TenPin Terry

        GB established ownership of the islands before the Argentinian state was even formed you ignorant cretin.

  11. Kin

    Jesus fergie
    Rather Boris than kier starmer who was in charge of the CPS when June first investigation regarding child sexual abuse against jimmy savile was dropped being PM
    so what he had parties
    They were all at it including members of the public with their mens sheds

    1. K. Cavan

      The important part of “Partygate”, Kin, is that they were all at it because they all knew that the Pandemic was a completely manufactured hoax. It takes a long, hard chew before you can swallow your pride & it may take decades for the more incalcitrent Covidians to learn that in 2020 about 4.74% of the planet’s humans passed on, exactly the same percentage as did so in 2019 & 2018.
      Better to learn from your mistakes than repeat them & hopefully the fake Vaccines, though useless at stopping The Covid, will continue to raise the planet’s average IQ.

      1. Kin

        Hoax or not
        Everyone of them were partygate
        As pubs were forced to close 3weeks before the pandemic was declared
        Irish pub fitters were busy fitting out garden sheds
        Sales of kegs were through the roof from suppliers like Musgrave and independent off-licences selling kegs to the general public
        All you had to do was log on to the internet on done deal and you could have your own bar in your garage complete with second hand fraught beer dispensing equipment and pub momrobillia for yer mates lock ins

  12. Kin

    The daily star front page
    Is Putin dead and to back up the standard of journalism
    Bunting banned because it’s too heavy for the lamp posts to hold it
    Now if that’s the case we should all be worried as a wind could blow them over
    And it’s wishful thinking that Putin is dead
    He is alive and well and coming to a town Near East Ukraine or let’s say breakaway republics that will be under Russian protection which will be the peace deal

    1. K. Cavan

      Putin has made Biden & Harris look like a pair of incompetent goons, mostly by just providing a contrast. Even rabid Democratic-supporting War-hawks like Nigel know deep down that these people are idiots who find reading words from a teleprompter beyond their feeble abilities.
      The WEF & their blue-haired Wokist libtards have been in charge of most of our institutions for a good few years now & modern humanity has never been in such a perilous situation.
      Time to Fight Back, time to Clear Them Out!

      1. ce

        Meanwhile in Putopia –

        ““All the people I’m meeting, I heard of them, of course, from my husband’s work, but I’ve met very few of them before. So everything is novel. Everything – speaking and being on stage, speaking to journalists – is very new to me. It’s a rather glum joke, but we do have this joke in the family, that I only emerge when my husband gets poisoned or thrown in jail.””


  13. Kin

    Was at cork cash and carry and passed the expanse of cork airport
    Not one aircraft except a private single prop on what appeared the run way
    Looked at the arrivals for tomorrow
    25 flights for the whole day starting at one minute after midnight
    So meantime Dublin is hogging all the flights and starving the rural airports
    It’s time to limit Dublin airport to half the number and re route the rest to other airports
    Tomorrow 310 flights arrive to Dublin airport
    To make people wait 3.5 hours is criminal and it’s time the minister of transport did his fecking job
    They cannot cope and forget the army
    It’s not their job
    Maybe health and safety needs to close the two terminals down before they turn ireland into a destination like North Korea

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