Nick Kelly: One More Time With Feeling


Nick Kelly

Nobody told me there’d be days like this.

Strange days indeed.

It has been an honour and a privilege to have been so warmly welcomed into the weird and wonderful world of Broadsheet. It represents the best of Ireland. I have enjoyed working alongside John Ryan more than I can say. There are few in Irish media who possess an ounce of his heart, guts or punning ability.

Since Covid, I have looked upon my profession and despaired at what it has become. Seeing former journalistic colleagues calling for a witch hunt of the unvaccinated on national television is something I never thought I would ever see in my lifetime. Yet here we are.

When I began posting on this site in 2018 the world was a lot different: I loved promoting new Irish music in my daily You May Like This music posts. And the weekly Friday music quiz caught the imagination of the faithful Broadsheet commentariat in a way that gladdened my heart.

I want to thank our sponsors Golden Discs and Currys for their invaluable support which allowed the competition to become a much loved staple of the site.

I also want to thank our readers for encouraging me to continue with the format even after the vouchers ran out; that was a truly heart-warming show of solidarity that I won’t forget any time soon.

I also want to thank the various press officers who sent me so many great videos over the past 4 years (including Pete Murphy, Emma Harney, Ciaran Savage, Sheena Madden, Kevin Murray, Colm Slattery and Michelle Whitehead: I write their names out in a list).

And I want to thank the artists themselves for managing to create such powerful music even when circumstances locked down their dreams. I know this much is true: the Irish music scene has never been in such robust health.

Then Covid happened and everything changed. Although I continued with the music, popular culture and social history posts, I found that I could not stay silent on a subject which affected me so profoundly.

As a vaccine-damaged person who knows first hand the devastation that a pharmaceutical needle can inflict on a person’s health, I felt compelled to warn of the dangers of the jab.

The response to our posts on this subject proved to be polarising in a way that was as regrettable as it was unavoidable. Keeping silent on this issue was simply not an option. If you have a problem with the concept of freedom of speech, then maybe Western Civilisation is not for you.

Broadsheet, to its eternal credit, was the very embodiment of this sacred pillar. Alas, in Ireland it was essentially alone in a cultural landscape that has become gripped by an hysterical conformity to pre-approved narratives handed down by globalist bureaucrats who I suspect may not actually have our best interests at heart. A crazy idea, right?!

Alas, the zeitgeist has moved so far from a commitment to core democratic principles that Broadsheet came under a ferocious and sustained attack in the comments section by both honest and dishonest actors. I want to thank those commenters who rallied to our cause day in and day out. We could not have endured as long as we did without you.

To the honest commenters who virulently disagreed with us, I say this: we are just regular people who sincerely felt that our friends, families and the general public were in great danger. And we used this platform to sound the alarm. That’s it in a nutshell: we were never paid a penny to push any opinion. We pursued our editorial line because it felt like the right thing to do.

For the reasons mentioned by Bodger in his Closing Time post, eventually the excruciating war of attrition, on top of our normal financial and legal woes, took its toll. We had nothing left in the tank.

It’s a bittersweet moment for me. I am immensely proud that this website kept its head – and heart – when all around were losing theirs.

It was a rollercoaster ride for sure, but I loved every minute.

See you hopefully further on down the road.

Previously: Closing Time

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307 thoughts on “Nick Kelly: One More Time With Feeling

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        you’d have to be classy to start with….meoooow.

    1. K. Cavan

      The same phrase that the retarded old Leftist dinosaur used on the video of Ruth Coppinger & her sad cadre making a show of themselves at that “Community Meeting” where she ably demonstrated how utterly useless Ye Olde Left are, God help them.
      Saggy Assed Revolutionary Anachronism.

      1. mills

        I suppose it’s too much to ask that you don’t use that word? It really is disgustingly offensive.

          1. Walter Ego

            You just can’t help yourself. Can you K Cavan? I blame your steroid misuse. What are you going to do now your soap box is being taken away? My advice to you is seek professional help before you hurt someone again.
            Once a failed boxer always a failed boxer, eh.

          2. K. Cavan

            Nobody needs or heeds the advice of someone who has to fantisise to criticise, Walter. Having a go at someone because of the role they play in your imaginary world is beyond bizarre.
            You’re more Mitty than ego, wake up & tidy your room, boy.

          3. Walter Ego

            See you just can’t help yourself. It’s no wonder your family won’t talk to you anymore and you lost all your friends because of your roid rage. As a failed pugalist, the years haven’t been kind to you, i know. But you can turn your life around, seek some help and recconnect with your friends and family before it’s too late.

      2. SOQ

        I seen the videos of that K Cavan- cameras getting smashed and people getting assaulted, all because they were asking questions Coppinger did not want to answer.

        If that is the state of the Irish left then you can be absolutely certain that they are going nowhere.

        1. K. Cavan

          You’d have to ask, SOQ, of what use to anybody is someone like Coppinger? The utter contempt she has for her constituents just dripped off her, as she blithely insulted people straight to camera & her thuggish goons assaulted those who’s taxes pay her wages.
          The real Ruth Coppinger stood revealed in that video, a repulsive parasite who’s spent her entire career gaslighting the working class she pretends to represent.
          An utter disgrace.

  1. david

    i agree with most of that independent journalism and indeed social commentary has fallen off a cliff

    1. Nick Kelly

      Carlos, if you ever need a dog sitter, can I put my hat in the ring? It will be a long queue.

  2. John Smith

    ‘We pursued our editorial line because it felt like the right thing to do.’

    It was the right thing to do and thank goodness you had the courage to do it. It was what kept some of us going throughout the last two years, when everything normal was disintegrating around us.

    Thank you.

    1. galaxiapolizia

      + 1

      Sincere thanks Nick, for the sounds and the visions,
      and your ever-delightful Friday competitions;
      for the smiles, the highs, and even the “D’oh..!” :-)
      Your true fans on here will miss you so…!
      (plus all at Chateau Galaxia
      still walkin’ on sunshine since winning
      your inestimable esteem!)

      ciao, bello, ciao…!

      1. galaxiapolizia

        + absolute respect, Nick Kelly, for your courage and perseverance
        in bravely keeping the flag of freedom of expression flying
        in the face of such toxic adversity and petty narrow-mindedness.
        Perfect time to re-focus on yourself, your own well-being,
        and developing new projects and adventures!
        I wish you good health and much happiness
        and every success in the future.
        Look after yourself and your beloveds.

  3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    ok second attempt, damn phone,
    thanks Nick no explanation was necessary for me but great touching post.
    Really sorry to hear of the health issues and hope you’ll be well in the future.
    Thanks for all the new music and the escape of the Friday night threads, blasting the tunes in the earphones I won has been a real break from COVID and all things baby related and the most fun threads with the other heads on here.
    Nice to see the head on ya, I’ll be giving you the nod if I see you around town.
    Best Janet

  4. Broadbag

    Thanks for all the tunes and hard work Nick, sorry to hear of your vaccine woes, wishing you well on that front and in all you do in the future.

    1. TenPin Terry

      That’s bollocks I’m afraid Bodger.
      Someone regularly censored my stuff simply because he didn’t agree with it and then eventually banned me completely which came as news to you who insisted no-one was banned from Broadsheet.
      In fact you could see the exact moment when that person took over moderating during the day as stuff that you seemed quite happy with suddenly got the blue pencil treatment from a man too thin-skinned and pompous to be able to take any criticism.
      Still, I bear no grudges as no-one likes to see an outlet for news and views such as Broadsheet going down the pan and I did eventually manage to get back onto Broadsheet to bring you my daily brand of analysis, whimsy and humour.
      But please, less of the sermonizing by Cliff Edge.

        1. TenPin Terry

          Well in that case I apologise to him.
          But someone clearly had their own editorial agenda on this site and the moderation was, how shall we say, inconsistent.
          In your defence it was never as dreadful as Boards and I never got offended over the anti-vax stuff – the willingness of the MSM to dance to the tune of whatever their government handlers fed them during the pandemic was embarrassing to watch and this was one of the few sites to rightly take the piss.
          I wish you all the best of luck and hopefully you can come back with a business model that actually keeps you afloat.

          1. One for the Roads

            ‘Single man reveal yourself!’
            You put a lot of work in lad, of that I have admiration.
            At your best, you were cogent and fluid like no other, at your worst, simply racist.
            Only a couple of others on here managed to amuse, offend and crawl skin to the extent you did.

          2. TenPin Terry

            One tries one’s best.
            I disagree with the racist tag though.
            For one it would have, quite rightly, been censored on here.
            But mainly Ireland has to learn how to have a grown-up conversation about immigration and how to do it properly without anyone engaging in it being instantly called a racist.
            And the moment when that is required will be much sooner than anyone thinks.
            300,000 new PPS numbers will be issued in 2022 and the majority to non-Irish people.
            300,000. That’s an extra 5% added to Ireland’s population in one year.
            And next year and the year after that etc etc.
            Think about it.

          3. Barry

            “300,000 new PPS numbers will be issued in 2022 and the majority to non-Irish people.
            300,000. That’s an extra 5% added to Ireland’s population in one year.
            And next year and the year after that etc etc.”

            There’s no basis for these predictions. Net migration in 2019 was about 30,000.
            Gript, your source, is run by a man with a long track record of dishonesty. Why deny the label racist? You clearly enjoy racism.

          4. TenPin Terry

            Your figures are hopelessly out of date.
            Gript’s are based on actual statistics provided by the Irish government.
            But your accusations of racism for merely mentioning official stats is exactly the sort of cretinous comment I predicted earlier.

          5. GiggidyGoo

            Your being banned had all to do with your racist and sexual and homophobic comments. If disagreement with them resulted in the ban, then you know who to blame – and it’s no one at broadsheet.

          6. K.Cavan

            The question is, Barry, does a country that has a dreadful, tragic history of emigration, a problem that is as bad right now as it’s ever been, that has failed to give it’s young people jobs, houses, a chance of a decent future, have any business taking in thousands of illegal immigrants, simply because György Schwartz AKA George Soros demands that it does?
            I don’t think there is any way to answer that in the affirmative, our own & the EU’s immigration laws are being routinely ignored & breached by our own government, our Immigration Service, such as it was, downed tools as lockdown commenced & seemed to have ceased trading & a minimum of 50,000 Stamp 2 or IG student visas to attend English classes at fake language schools are being breached, because there is no attempt to police them.
            Meanwhile, you attempt to censor, to stifle debate by calling people names for daring to give this subject the public airing it urgently deserves. Luckily, you & your ilk have had your day, no-one gives a damn what names you call people any more, in your Authoritarian desire to silence all who might dare hold opinions other than those of the Globalist Oligarchs, who tell you what to think & the Irish Gombeen Businessmen who’s agenda & desire for cheap labour you service.

      1. Legal Coffee Drinker

        Sara, which aspect of your constructively helpful, supportive and caring presence as the Mother Shipton of the comments section do you think best entitles you to an answer to those questions?

        Because I can’t think of any.

        1. One for the Roads

          And this is why I will miss this place.
          What a fantastically eloquent and deservedly precise put down.

        2. Sara

          I’d be more than willing to pay into a defense fund. I think you could go down this road, but it’d be nice if the cases were explicated so people would know what they’re funding.

          1. Bodger

            Sara, I won’t go into any details if that’s OK, but it’s been a constant worry for quite a while. We’ve no libel insurance or anything of that nature which has left us pretty exposed.

          2. Sara

            I’d say you could get a few grand easy if you set up a defense fund. Do you remember when antifa faced off pegida in Dublin a few years ago. A load of antifa were charged, all their costs were paid through a defense fund. In fact, money was left over, and that was legal costs for quite an amount of people. Also, the publicity of a defense fund might mean some people will come forward with interesting material that might be useful to you.

      2. Hughie Luas


        The Irish version of the Sunday Times and the Phoenix will detail them.

        Not only are they being sued, but advertisers and especially RTE who used BS as a marketing channel were warned. GDPR violations, hate speech, libel, take your pick.

        1. Bodger

          Hughie, we have no advertisers, hence partly our closure, and can’t afford to get sued. We have no arrangement with RTÉ of any kind whatsoever. They send us press releases.

        2. Long Term Lurker

          when you say advertisers were warned…

          you or others contacted advertisers to warn them not to advertise on Broadsheet?

  5. Nilbert

    What a load of actual poo.
    There was a daily barrage on here of deliberately misleading posts, misinterpretation of data to suit a narrative, and blatant pushing of qAnon type propaganda.
    If the Broadsheet agenda was genuine, there would have ben no need to constantly misinform.
    To feign victimhood at this stage is pathetic, particulary after two years of clickbait sensationalist fear-mongering and promotion of Alt-right agenda.

    its no wonder there’s nothing left here but shady ads for online bookies.

    1. Legal Coffee Drinker

      Google ads are tailored to the personal preferences of the reader.

      Bad day on the gee-gees, Nilbert?

    2. SOQ

      And the same old BS over and over again. Always the blame game. The stories ran about vaccine injuries and even the criminal behaviour of the pharmaceutical manufacturers had absolutely nothing to do with Q or any of the psyop rubbish, yet you keep referring to as a means of tarring anyone who tries to warn of the dangers of these shots.

      There is a list of PROVEN vaccine injuries which is growing fast- the latest being Incurable Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). That is fact. But oh no, the people who’s motives MUST be attacked are those who can actually see what is happening.

      1. Sara

        You’ll be spending less time on the net after Sunday. Which means your family will have to see more of you. Be gentle on them. They’ve already gone through enough.

        1. SOQ

          More references to my perceived family eh? Your sort of toxic nastiness will not be missed, that much is for sure.

          1. Nullzero

            Pick on the gay guy Sara, must be hard to reconcile that with your Woke nonsense worldview.

            Questioning norms doesn’t make a person a far right loony, no matter how much you say it does.

      2. Barry

        The stories included claims that vaccines make you bluetooth enabled and magnet. They also including speculation on many deaths including several where there were aspects of the reporting that clearly suggested suicide was the likely cause. At least is was clear anyone who was able to read between the lines without bias and think things through.

        1. K. Cavan

          Barry, the Fake Vaccines are toxic & don’t work & you clearly know it. “Microclots” never existed before & “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” has had to be invented as a cover-up, which you’re aiding & abetting.
          You’re like those post-War Germans going “what camp?” Mortality figures never lie, pharmaceutical corporations proveably do.

      3. The Nigel Account


        You keep using this word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

          1. The Nigel Account

            ‘No, it is you, Nigel, who are the one to whom its meaning is not known!’

          2. The Nigel Account

            ‘You’ve run out of road at the bottom of the barrel with the busted flush!’

          3. The Nigel Account

            ‘No it is you who are the one who is doing the thing you just said!’

          4. K. Cavan

            My goodness, you have to pity anyone who has to deal with the ego-driven, fact-free, puerile arguments of this Nigel person, in real life.
            Oh no you don’t, oh yes you do.
            His posts are like a trail of slime across this site. In real life, however, you just know he’s an obsequious brown-tongued coward, who’s breath stinks of his bosses posteriors.
            We’re saying farewell to this site, while over in the corner, Nigel is calling people transphobes, virtue signalling himself into oblivion.

          5. ce

            “We’re saying farewell to this site, while over in the corner, Nigel is calling people transphobes, virtue signalling himself into oblivion”… and you, for some unknown reason, are still offering medical/NWO advice all over the shop…

            Nigel can be a pain in the bum sometime, so can I and plenty of others here… probably all of us… it’s the internet, sort of comes with the territory… but mate you need help and something beyond conspiracy theories and extreme bitterness in your life… Genuinely, go n-éirí an bóthar leat

        1. jonjoker

          Possibly so.
          However there’s a lot of evidence pointing to vaccine damage and deaths.
          A bit like smoking where we heard for decades from big tobacco that there was no proven link between smoking cigarettes and cancer.
          We now know that they sat on reams of evidence of that damage for those decades.

    3. K.Cavan

      What a load of Fake Poo, Nilbert.
      ”A daily barrage of deliberately misleading posts, misinterpretation of data”
      Nothing could be easier to debunk with facts, figures & science than such posts but I can’t recall you doing so.
      The fact that you lever in a spurious reference to QAnon, an American political website, (I presume) makes it quite obvious who has a political agenda, even if the narrative you push was not your own, merely that of the corrupt MSM, an industry that is ending it’s days in a slurry-pit of lies, sensationalist fear-mongering & promotion of criminality & neo-fascist technocratic dictatorship.
      As for your hilariously outdated reference to ”Alt-Right”, a term you clearly don’t know the meaning of; again your own political agenda surfaces, an agenda of hatred, deceit, destruction, degeneracy & pure evil, which has pushed The West to the precipice, alone & rejected by the vast majority of the world’s population & every decent human being within The West itself.
      For those who have inflicted this heartless cruelty on our children, our elderly, on all of us, the supporters of this Empire Of Lies, there will be no hiding place. For some time now, you must have known what you were engaged in, what you were lending your support to & anyway, your ignorance is no excuse, you vile creep.

  6. scottser

    thanks for everything nick, especially the music related stuff.
    as regards the vaccine content, most of us took a stance of not interfering with anyone else’s choices but it was sometimes maddening to come on here and be told by the select few that i was a gullible fool for wanting to protect the oldies in my family who were scared out of their minds from listening to pat kenny et al.
    covid was a time for unity and sadly we got that message from very few people and institutions, BS included.
    i would wish you the best of luck nick, but you don’t need it. be yourself and you’ll do just fine.

    1. K.Cavan

      So, scottser, you acknowledge that ”the oldies in your family…were scared out of their minds by Pat Kenny et al”. Out of their minds, you say? You’re are correct there.
      Then, however, you reiterate the Fake TV Science, the idea that you could somehow protect them by taking a gene therapy injection, a complete fabrication that formed the backbone of Kenny et al’s propaganda campaign!
      It’s clear that it was you, scottser, who was propagandized & motivated by fear & in that irrational state, you made a mistake.
      You were indeed a gullible fool, of that there is no doubt but to blame those who attempted to warn you, rather than those who tried to poison you, well, there’s no excuse for that.
      You need to cop on, son. Don’t take a booster.

        1. K. Cavan

          Oh no, scottser, you clearly do.
          Don’t take a booster, even idiots don’t deserve pointless deaths.

          1. scottser

            you need to learn the difference between ‘advice’ and ‘being an irritating male appendage’ so.

          2. One for the Roads

            I didnt take the booster based on yout advice K mont and I still ended up with the corona and the cancer. Wtf is that about?

  7. Mr .T

    Thanks for all the hard work put in to making the site interesting, fun and informative.

    Anyone attacking you for standing by your principles is not someone whose opinion is worth getting upset over.
    Onwards and upwards!

  8. GiggidyGoo

    Thanks Nick. Some good playlists came out of your items.

    One last request – can all of us who never won your admiration or prizes (unlike that Janet one who won almost monthly :-) ) – can we all get nominated as winners of your last competition?

    1. Andrew

      I won a voucher once but didn’t take it up, decided to throw it back in to the pot. Winning was good enough, I was chuffed!
      Thanks Nick and John. You did some good work.

  9. One for the Roads

    Stick by your beliefs and all that Nick and probably not nice to kick a man when he is down but if you had bothered to fact check/research any of your posts, you would have a leg to stand on regarding fellow journalists.
    Like many, you posted pure nonsense here re covid, which if your beliefs about the vaccine turn out to be true, has done immeasurable damage to your cause.
    As pointed out by Ian, many of the sources you used are simply disgusting sites, skilled in the arts of dog whistling and manipulating fearful minds.
    Look after yourself.

    1. K.Cavan

      I’m sorry, OFTR, you’re just wrong. The MSM, the Government, the HSE, The WHO, Pfizer, etc, all these promulgated pure nonsense about the made-up disease Covid-19, the Sars02 virus, Coronaviruses in general, mRNA injections, Virology, Immunology & Epidemiology.
      Only one official body told the truth, all along & the CSO’s figures utterly demolish the fake narrative you cling to, simply because you can’t face up to the enormity of the crimes that have been committed & your support for it.
      2020, the year of the Fake Pandemic, saw no rise in overall mortality, in Ireland or anywhere on this planet, to even give the slightest indication of any pandemic, that’s reality, that’s the Truth.
      Enjoy your fantasy, it’ll soon mutate into a nightmare variant.

      1. jonjoker

        Unfortunately some of the sites people linked to were very dubious. The Trumpeteers used Covid as a weapon after pussygrabber lost his job and filled the internet with their bile and vomit.
        The other side of that equation is that nobody else was questioning the narrative, which is why I came late to the debate.

  10. ANO

    All the best in the future Nick and sorry to hear of your medical woes.

    If the Twitter feeds and other sources you’ve posted in recent months are anything to go by then a little break from the internet might do your head some good.

  11. Ellie Campbell

    The hill Nick chose to die on untimely took BS with him. That’s the B-all and End-all of it. Twit isn’t strong enough, but it’s a good starting place.

      1. Duncan Wheeler

        Now there’s the rub.
        Thanks for all the musical interludes that have enriched my life. Gonna miss you dude.

    1. K. Cavan

      Oh, Ellie, such naivety, you really don’t know who was operating the troll accounts? You haven’t noticed the censorship that’s tightened like a noose around free speech? People with PhDs in Virology being deplatformed by individuals with no medical or scientific knowledge?
      Do you not dare to wonder why?

  12. RuilleBuille

    The anti-vaxxers posted hundreds of lies, falsehoods and twisted stories on here.
    Rgere was nothing honourable about it.

    1. Kali

      You haven’t seen the recent interview with the pro vaccine poster boy Bill Gates admitting that covid wasn’t as dangerous as everyone thought, was only deadly to the elderly and was quiet like the flu then? Or is Gates a covid denying conspiraloon now too.

      You didn’t have to be anti vaxx to realise 2 years of lockdown was complete bs and lads like Nick who stood up for what was right and what they believed in were in the right all along.

      1. Me So Harney

        Don’t bother Kali, RB spent the past 2 years calling anyone who disagreed with him a swivel eyed loon..

    2. K.Cavan

      How do you know, there were lies, falsehoods & ”twisted stories” Ruallie?
      You know because any stories that conflict with the official narrative cannot be true?
      Because newspapers, politicians, the telly & Bill Gates told you so?
      Trying to tell the truth is always honourable, indeed, in this Empire Of Lies we exist in, it’s essential.
      History teaches us that those who think they’re getting out of this alive by complying, are not getting out of this alive. Anyway, go back to sleep.

    3. Duncan Wheeler

      You’ll go marching to the beat of the drum until, at the last moment, you’ll realise how wrong you are and how valuable BS has been, a lone beacon in the darkness that is you and your ilk. I don’t honestly know whether to pity you or just be damned. You’ll not be missed, like Nigel, Sarah, Cian, and loads of the other trolls who say they hated BS but kept coming to spew poison. As a former commenter said, why do you bother if you dislike it so much?

    4. Duncan Wheeler

      And you never exageratte and cry tears of sadness in empathy with your fellow inhabitants of this beautiful world we share.

  13. Walter Ego

    Broadsheets downfall was your tolerance and support of nutjobs who threathened voilence and the Doxiing of people who opposed your views throughout the pandemic. They were allowed to run free with their increasingly crazy racist qanon conspiracy loving views and threathening behaviour without moderation reoproach. But hey…..’The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ eh.
    You lost the agood chunk of your followers, advetisers vouchers etc for the toxic qanon sesspool you allowed to Broadsheet become, and it’s all on your watch in the words of a wise old man ‘You failed to paint it black’.
    It’s a terrible shame because when the site was good it was glorious and i commend you and John for for that. Best of luck in wherever life brings you Nick.
    And stay away from the brown acid.

    1. SOQ

      Name just one regular commentator on this site who was espousing this much referenced Q anon BS? Just one.

      1. The Nigel Account

        jusayinlike used to claim every terrorist attack and mass shooting was a false flag.

      2. K.Cavan

        You must admit it is interesting to hear the views of the brainwashed, SOQ, even if, disappointingly, it comprises the same tired, dumb old cliches they’ve been taught to use, when challenged by facts, science or unpopular, unofficial opinions. Eventually some might get to realise that the slur ”Far Right” simply means anything that digresses from the Official Narrative. By then, of course, it’ll be too late.
        So many are so utterly undeserving of the Freedom they had & so, inevitably, it will be taken from them.
        It’s tragic, for us all.

    2. K. Cavan

      Walter, you make me wonder if wild hallucinations aren’t an as yet unrecognised side-effect of the Fake Vaccines. None of this litany of lies occurred, your need to be reassured by falsehoods from the craw of the corrupted MSM is obvious, gorge yourself on their nonsensical Fake Science to your heart’s content, retain Claire Byrne as your source for scientific facts, just stop with the ridiculous excuses for your cowardly refusal to even glance at the truth, nobody is buying your ad hominem brainfarts.
      Not even you, I suspect, poor thing.

  14. Ian - oG

    Well Nick, thanks for the music but some of the stuff you platformed was quite unpleasant. Stone Toss being an example.

    Nonetheless, best of luck in whatever it is you do next, same to John.

    It’s been a blast.

    1. ANO

      I’m pretty sure he just saw that one comic on Twitter and reposted it without checking the source.

      That BS left it up after they were made aware of the source is less easy to explain away.

      1. K. Cavan

        The source for Stonetoss cartoons is Stonetoss, ANO. I understand they might’ve made you feel like a bit of a fool but there’s a good reason for that.
        Did you get 3, 10 or 30 microgram doses, ANO? You don’t even know, do you?
        Did you even know there were different doses?
        Ah, sure, every sting has a mark.

    2. K. Cavan

      “Unpleasant”, Ian, really?
      What bizarre sensibilities you possess. Mass murder the elderly in care homes, inject babies with toxic drugs, just don’t show me those cartoons & keep it neat around the edges, eh?
      We have always been at war with Eastasia, just go back to sleep at your desk my little munchkin.

      1. Ian - oG

        OK K.

        It’s been a blast, look after yourself dude and stop taking things so seriously and getting so animated, life’s too short!


    1. K. Cavan

      You do know what actually happened to the Dodo, redzer? Maybe not.
      It was butchered, look it up.

  15. Fergalito

    Best of luck Nick, thanks for the tunes and the esteem which was greater than any material benefit a voucher could bestow.

  16. eamonn

    Thanks, wish you every success in your next venture.
    You probably got the feeling I loved Fridays – songs about things that look like ireland etc.
    It is a shame that the dominant culture is so insecure that a little dissent cannot be tolerated.
    Hope things go in a direction that suits you.
    Be Well

      1. Cú Chulainn

        The great thing about being a human being is that at any moment – you can decide to change, and change. Best of luck Nicky with whatever you do next. Take care.. yourself and John did amazing work here.. pastures new await..

  17. The Nigel Account

    ‘Keeping silent on this issue was simply not an option.’

    You did worse than keep silent. You spread disinformation. Nobody who believes an issue is that important should be posting stories so shoddy, poorly sourced, poorly researched, scattershot, filled with twitter-scrapings, and focused on cheap shots and low-hanging fruit. If you guys were on the outside looking in you’d call yourselves controlled opposition. There wasn’t a fraction of the journalistic ethos devoted to the stories for which the site is justly praised put into the ant-vaxx stories – so claims of their supposed importance ring hollow.

    1. Legal Coffee Drinker

      Nigel, please. You’ve said the same thing in multitudinous different ways, for as long as any of us can remember. First of all we all got it the first time and secondly how is it possible to be so confident in your opinion that you are 100% right when you rely solely on secondary sources. Your comments are like a form of digital waterboarding at this stage.

      Just go. Let those of us who loved and valued the site and its independence of thought spend a little time with it at the end, without your noisy interventions.

      1. The Nigel Account

        One thing I can say with near 100% certainty that I am right about – the stories published here in this supposedly vital story were shoddy and conjectural and downright dishonest. It never stopped being disappointing.

          1. hmmm

            Potato still pushing fake vaccines for a fake pandemic.

            Got your Monkeypox shot yet?

          2. hmmm

            “shoddy and conjectural and downright dishonest … never stopped being disappointing.”

            That’s Potato all day everyday.

        1. Clampers Outside

          Says the guy who tells everyone “women have a penis”; male bodies in women’s sport is fair sport; and on and on with the pseudo science.
          Yeah, that guy… LOL!

          Good luck Nigel, it’s been a blast! x

          1. The Nigel Account

            Says the guy who claims not to hate trans people. What a sour note to end on.

          2. Clampers Outside

            End on?
            It’s only Thursday!
            And ‘sour’, heh… sure I’ve read nothing but whining out of you the past two days.

            Women don’t have a penis Nigel.
            It’s a fact. Facts aren’t hateful, they’re facts.

            Your alternative facts on the other hand are sexist, homophobic, mysoginist, misandrist and are pure nonsense, and always will be.

          3. The Nigel Account

            Claims of not hating trans people increasingly indefensible. Just a final blow-out of transphobia.

          4. Nullzero

            Nigel, pointing out logical fallacies in the supposed logic that surrounds the discussion of trans issues isn’t the same as hating Trans people.

            That’s why people see you as a dishonest agent, because you equate debate with hate. “agree with me or you’re a bigot” what a load of nonsense, you’ve been called out on this for years and you still can’t see why people take offense at your love of labeling anyone who disagrees with even the smallest detail of your world view as some sort of bigot.

            In the end Nigel, you’re a poor debater and not a very pleasant person.

          5. One for the Roads

            Was that you on Joe Duffy earlier?
            Was bizarre to see you come back here with this “women have a penis” craic every odd week/month.
            Relax, trans people will probably have little to no impact on your life ever.
            Good luck.

          6. Clampers Outside

            I do throw out that nonsense that Nigel calls fact, yeah.
            No, I wasn’t on the radio.

            Good to know you don’t care about anything that doesn’t affect you personally.

          7. Nigel

            I don’t think it’s particularly logical to assert that a group of people don’t exist who clearly do and to bully them into conforming to your rigid ideas of personal identity just because you can’t bear the thought of them existing.

            Too much to hope for that of all topics this one wouldn’t blow up before the shutters came down Ritualistic denouncement of a small group of people who are different.

          8. K. Cavan

            Hey, Clampers, leave trans kids alone…
            I mean, if a surgeon is prepared to cut off a 5-year-old boy’s testicles, lop off his penis to cut it into strips in order to fashion it into a fake vagina, as recently happened in Ohio, who are we to judge?
            It’s not like those who’ve never even encountered a “trans child”, yet virtue signal their support for this sick perversity are sick & perverse themselves, is it?
            It’s not like a generation of gay children will be seized upon by these monsters & forced away from a normal gay existence into a life as a grotesque medical experiment, is it?
            Every “trans child” is worth $1.4 million in drugs over their shortened lifetime, to the same Pharma Corporations that gave us Thalidomide, DDT & the killer fake vaccines, so it’s not all bad. Bourla’s private jet won’t pay for itself.
            See, Nigel is just thinking of others, such a kindly guy

          9. Nigel

            Sneering cruelty from Clampers, raw naked hate from Cavan. Some things won’t be missed, but heaven help anyone vulnerable subjected to either in the real world.

        1. Legal Coffee Drinker

          No Scottser. The sofa is beneath me.

          A site has died. Hasn’t there been enough shaming?

          1. scottser

            Exactly. Wasn’t there room enough for everyone on here? Say what you will about Nigel but his convictions come from a place of decency. You can’t really bang on about free speech on the one hand and then look to shut them up on the other, particularly when there are quite a few on here who love nothing better than to insult, denigrate and dehumanise others who disagree with them. again Nigel never resorted to this despite taking some frankly, fupping awful stick.
            I thought you of all people might get it, how wrong was I, eh?

          2. K. Cavan

            So you rekon Nigel’s support for double mastectomies on underaged girls is coming from a place of decency, scottser? Demanding autogynephiles be allowed to groom five-year-old schoolkids likewise, right?
            He’s actually laughing at you, man, get a grip.
            Insults, no matter how virulent, are not an attempt to censor. We’ll leave that to your buddies in Silicon Valley & the BBC.

    2. K.Cavan

      Nigel, you spread nothing but disinformation, your all-encompassing, smug ignorance cannot excuse the falsehoods you utter.
      Your comments were uniformly shoddy, unsourced, unresearched, scattershot, filled with propaganda, focused on cheap shots, spreading lies & confusion & laden with assumptions about the gullibility of others & your own superiority.
      You are a fully-fledged, amoral servant of The Empire Of Lies, truly a sign of our society’s slow but inevitable decay, which seems almost desirable, should it rid us of the exploitative Atlanticism & thuggish US Imperialism you extol, the willful ignorance & scientific illiteracy you promulgate, the disingenuous attitude you ooze, the opinionated nonsense & fallacious arguments that you spewed out.
      Not to mention your love of neo-con warmongering & enthusiasm for predatory child-grooming.
      You’re one very sick & twisted individual but I’m confident you’re aware of that fact, even revel in the mundane evil you represent. Your just desserts lie beyond my imagining.
      You wear Eichman’s blue shirt, you soul-less shill.

        1. johnny

          ….i coulda been a contendor.
          Thank you Nigel,for highlighting the state our planet is in,Kavan does not even know which one he is on,more to be pitied really than ridiculed,its just too easy,no game bit like his boxing,too slow.

          1. K. Cavan

            johnny, if you agree with Groomer Nigel yer just another dirty old man, a Nonce masquerading as a normal human being. I was fast in the ring & a switch-hitter too, never got hit. See, that’s why I can spell & know how to operate a space bar.
            Sure, I’d love to boast of my boxing achievements but Dolly hangs around with scumbags who phone people up & threaten to rape their mothers, so, y’know?
            If you’re on the same side as such scum, you’re scum too, johnny, you’re part of the reason for the state of this world. The Wokeists have been in charge for a decade, noticed anything during that time? Probably not.

          2. The Nigel Account

            I mean, I GUESS it’s s good thing I’m not litigious. Broadsheet has no money anyway, but they might still squeeze in another front-page apology and retraction.

          3. V aka Frilly Keane

            In fairness

            I think you’d have your job cut out for you trying to prove the likes of KCavan could have knocked one over you and left a lasting mark on you

            I reckon proving you were defamed by that lad would be a tough ask

          4. The Nigel Account

            I doubt there isn’t a subject or a person Cavan doesn’t defame just by talking about them, but it does all end up as a kind of indistinguishable toxic goo.

    3. Duncan Wheeler

      You need love Nigel, it’s all over your posts. i hope you find a better headspace to dwell in.

    4. Duncan Wheeler

      Nigel, it’s over. You can stop now. Get off the computer and it’s fiendish rabbit holes & go an find love in your life, I hope you do.

  18. pericrisptayto

    Nick and John,
    Thank you both so much for all your efforts, I had given up with posting comments due to the nonsensical rubbish that was being posted in that section of the site. You have no idea of the service you’ve provided over the years. Best of luck to both of you in the future.

  19. Kdoc

    I used to enjoy BS and even contributed an occasional comment from time to time.
    The recent emphasis on appearing to blame Covid vaccines for heart problems among sportspeople was disturbing. No consideration was given to the exponential rise in drug taking – both PEDS and recreational – among professional and amateur athletes.

      1. One for the Roads

        Harney, I have yet to figure you out, not for the want of trying. Absolute mad thing, there is something I am envious about.
        Best wishes to you and your potato business.

    1. Triona Ryan

      Kdoc ever heard the expression ‘dont shoot the messager’ ? I’d give it a bit of thought, at the very least!

    2. K.Cavan

      Kdoc, does the fact that you are forced to pull such ludicrous excuses out of your behind to explain a recent phenomenon not even give you pause for thought? Did athletes start doping in 2021? How on earth have you ended up in such a state of denial?
      Wake up, man!

      1. Kdoc

        K, Have you ever considered the damage you could be causing to those who may be influenced by what you say? I agree that doping has been part and parcel of athletic activities for quite some time but there’s a positive correlation between the massive increase in cocaine use among young athletes and the concomitant increase in their heart health issues. Cardiologists are concerned about the development.

        1. K. Cavan

          Nonsense, Kdoc & you damn well know it. Cocaine did not arrive on these shores as athletes started to collapse, did it?
          What did?
          Not many short of 700 now, dead.
          Thousands retired but at least still alive.
          You’re doing your best to cope, I understand that but burying your head in the sand is not coping & if you encourage one more human being to subject themselves to those toxic Fake Vaccines, it’s you who’s doing harm, putting people at risk of amputations, strokes, heart attacks, if they’re lucky enough to avoid instant death. Have you ever paused to consider that, yourself? You’re not stupid, you can see the Official Narrative collapsing, in real time & it’s only going to get worse. In the end, you will be forced to face the facts, that much is inevitable.

          1. Walter Ego

            Have my minnions not jabbed you yet, i’d say they have but it’s probably all the steroids pumping through your bloodstream that stops you from getting clotted.
            Damn they must double their efforts.

  20. Legal Coffee Drinker

    What I don’t understand if someone reads an article and feels that it’s missing a relevant piece of the jigsaw they don’t just point that out in the comments section rather than wasting time being ‘disturbed’ about it but such is modern debate and it’s pretty difficult to maintain a news website in such an environment…

    1. Kdoc

      I wasn’t quietly disturbed, I did voice my opinion but received no response one way or another. I guess my voice on these pages wasn’t strong enough compared to other more vociferous people.
      The issue has some relevance for me: Despite being active and physically fit, I developed a heart problem. After many tests the cardiologist made one remark that struck me: ” No coffee no spirits, no cocaine” All three can cause palpitations and I had developed an arrythmia. I’m aware that GAA officials are very concerned about the rise of cocaine use among young players in every club in the country.

      1. Triona Ryan

        I see how this has struck a cord for you personally. You doctor say A but do consider B. What you want is clarity, truth. Keep an open mind. Best of luck with it.

        1. Kdoc

          Triona, it’s a stark choice: heed the doctor, or listen to advice from unqualified people on social media. We all saw the horrific case of the gentleman in Letterkenny hospital who took the wrong advice.

          1. Duncan Wheeler

            What happens when most Doctors are too scared to question the narrative that will destroy their carreer? A chilling effect that has any reasonable discussion silenced.
            Keep wearing that blindfold, it suits.

      2. K.Cavan

        Kdoc, at least this explains your denial, I’m sorry to hear of your health issues but you need to be realistic about what might have caused them and don’t, for God’s sake, take another booster. I’m begging you.
        You’re lending far too much weight to the ”concerns”of GAA officials, cocaine, like performance enhancing drugs, has been around for far, far too long to have anything to do with it.
        It’s the bloody mRNA injections, had I the time & space, I could explain exactly how it happens.
        Stay well & stay well away from boosters.

        1. Kdoc

          K, I thank you and appreciate your concern but I’m sure it will disappoint you to hear my heart condition predated Covid and vaccines by several years. Thanks to my cardiologist and the much maligned Big Pharma, my medication has enabled me to return to hiking, cycling, swimming and even quite robust circuit training.
          I’ve had no ill effects from the vaccines and booster and in fact I’m heading to DCU, today for my second booster and I would advise others to do likewise; particularly those with underlying conditions.

          1. K. Cavan

            No, Kdoc, it does not disappoint me, you simply didn’t make that clear.
            My point is that, while Chronic Illness is a cross many of us have to bear, inflicted injury & death is another matter.
            Despite the knowledge I acquired from scientific enquiry, it’s the Mortality Figures which are definitive. They alerted me, firstly, to the fact that in 2020 we were experiencing a “Pandemic” without any excess deaths, there was a slightly larger increase in mortality in 2018. Then, more recently, the extreme rises in mortality that perfectly tracked the mRNA drug trials, which so many in the West were the guinea pigs for, became utterly undeniable, whatever you believe.
            These mortality figures are easily understood & readily available and death, well, it tends to be definitive.

    2. SOQ

      Absolutely- there are individuals who come on here day after day not just to complain about the subjects being discussed, but to actively wreck the comment sections with slurs and personal attacks. It is reminiscent of the Church followers back in the day who would not tolerate such heretic speak complete with the worse terminology they can muster in order to silence those who dare.

      Even when a family member becomes seriously injured or dies there is a deafening silence- like there is a shame associated with it. Dr Peter McCullough describes this as a mass psychosis so ‘moving statues’ scenarios from back then are actually not that far out of place.

      1. Kdoc

        You are not referring to me so. I don’t come on day after day complaining about anything and only rarely post comments. But the comment I made about sportspeople and their cocaine use is very important when it comes to heart health and it was duly ignored – probably because it didn’t suit Broadsheet’s agenda even though it is likely to be a major piece of the jigsaw.

        1. SOQ

          The vast majority of high end athletes who have suffered heart issues are not cocaine users.

          Myocarditis is a RECONDISED injury but yet people will still tie themselves in knots trying to come up with some other ‘maybe possibly’ answer- anything but face up to the fact that those young people’s bodies have been irreparably damaged.

          As for the GAA, they were the ones insisting on mandatory vaccinations so are trying desperately to wriggle out of their liability AND responsibilities- but it is only a matter of time before they too are before a judge.

          1. SOQ

            This from the individual who spends their time on this site trying to insult and offend as many as possible- even at this hour on a post by an individual who has stated that his motivation being because he is vaccine injured.

            The absolute state of you.

        2. Legal Coffee Drinker

          Kdoc I think your point is an interesting one and you were right to add it in the comments. perhaps it might have been picked up on and explored in subsequent Broadsheet posts had the site continued? We will never know.

          1. SOQ

            If cocaine use (or abuse) was a cause of such injuries then the numbers would have been increasing over a sustained period of time- they would not be rising in tandem with what is known to be vaccine injured athletes elsewhere.

            According to Dr Peter McCullogh, vaccine induced myocarditis is quite different to the natural sort- far more severe for a start- and is identifiable by scans.

            In which case, all it is going to take is one injured player or a deceased’s family to take an action because they were mandated to take the shots in order to continue to play.

      2. Duncan Wheeler

        I for one am going to miss your comments SOQ. Always ready to call out nonsense and nastiness.
        Carry on regardless and thank you.

    3. Darrens

      Yes. .. and then when it is pointed to as a potentially missing element. . Saying how dumb so and so is for not having included it in their perspective on said matter. ..

      in my own view.. this is the most shocking thing I have encountered on occasional visits to bs and it will not die with bs no doubt.. if anything bs at least gave it a place to be seen..

    1. Fearganainm

      cf. the Battle of Bến Tre (January 31st – February 5th 1968)

      “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.”

    2. Triona Ryan

      Point…you my friend have missed the entire point of existence thus far, as far as I can see. Good luck hence forth!

  21. thomasfbyrne

    It’s about time someone called out the ladyparts who destroyed this site……and without naming name’s because there’s no need to…you all know I’m talking about, best of luck to to Bodger and Nick in their next venture…..don’t stay away too long.

  22. Niall

    Thanks to you and all at Broadsheet. You will be missed. Completely disagreed with the Covid line you took but a healthy democracy needs a multiplicity of opinions and voices. Genuinely wish you all the best for the future.

  23. Vlad ‘21 Roses’ Novichok

    You know, it all started to go south when John threw his lot in with Qanon and their thinking that Trump and Trumpism was essential to destroy what they believed to be pedophilic and satanic global hegemony.

    Once down that rabbit hole there was no coming back. The word of Q was their gospel and consequently, eyeballs left in droves.

    Covid then hit along with such strong anti vax focussed editorial stance means that John’s frequent denials of the imbalanced editorial stance was laughable.

    Credibility now in the jacks.

    Then the clickbait and frequent denials of same…

    The last straw and the one reason why I won’t mourn Broadsheet’s demise was its take on Russia’s despicable invasion of Ukraine – leaving thousands dead, millions displaced and the state of our world to come in a perilous state.

    The mastubatary levels of glee by those now fully invested in Q’s way of thinking sickened my and for a while I went out of my way to irritate and provoke – and maybe I did and maybe I didn’t. But I know I pissed a few of yis off. Even Charger when most of yis though I was him. Or Daisy. Or a couple of others consigned to the naughty step of doom.

    (True story, years back I once pissed Charger off so much after exposing one particular piece of his bullshit, he stoped posting for a couple of months out of the embarrassment of it all)

    Anyways. I’m sure this war has John/Bodger properly tickled as it’s doing what Trump could not. I hope not however but it’s clear that many here are loving it for their own bizarre reasons. It’s utterly disgusting.

    No. Broadsheet died years back along with any semblance of decency.

    I mourned for it then.

    Vlad aka Rosette of Sirius out.

      1. Nullzero

        Eloquence has never been your strong suit Daisy nor the ability to understand simple concepts.

    1. Triona Ryan

      Glad Vlad got to say his piece. it was pretty brutal but I would fight for his right to have his say.

      1. K. Cavan

        Absolutely, it reveals Vlad’s obsessions, into which he tried to force opinions & attitudes which had absolutely nothing to do with QAnon or Trump or America, even. Nobody I know has ever visited QAnon, to my knowledge, I was of the opinion that it’s a site about American politics, no? I may be mistaken but it appears to me it’s simply being used as a slur, another variation on Nigel calling everybody Transphobes, a transparent ruse to derail & ultimately suppress discussion by spreading rancour. It does reveal that the stink coming out of the rotting corpse of the Empire of Lies is assaulting nostrils all across the planet. Their culture itself is toxic, their war machine a bloodthirsty abomination, their influence almost as malign for their allies as it is murderous for their unfortunate victims, they are The Problem.

        As for Ukraine, to pretend that conflict hasn’t been going on for eight years of bloody genocide, just because the CIA is good at keeping its activities out of the Western Media, that is simply dishonest or ignorant.
        There’s no excuse for either & no point engaging with anyone who claims to believe such utter nonsense, I simply don’t believe anyone who says so.
        The USA is to blame for this war, just as it was in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen & Bosnia & the world will be more peaceful now that their reign of terror is finally drawing to a close. Just how many precedents do people require before they realise the leopard never changes it’s spots? America has declared war on the majority of the nations on this planet, beginning with Mexico, France & Spain, within a couple of years of its foundation. To believe in American Exceptionalism, in this day & age is inexcusable.

        1. The Nigel Account

          ‘suppress discussion by spreading rancour’

          Irony declared dead three days before Broadsheet.

    2. Vanessa Foran aka Celebrity Accountant aka Frilly Keane aka the Broadsheet Trolldog

      I’m pretty certain John / Bodger isn’t tickled about this war

      I’ll agree Q did feature
      But wasn’t particularly noticeable here until the George Floyd protests, BLM marches, and the Portland riots.
      And there’s No denying the dominant presence of QAnon devotion here via the election is a fraud narratives
      With the voting machines and the kracken and the fundraising

      And it was all going to happen in a storm on inauguration day

      Meself and Brother had a right time of here then. Best stuff we ever put up probably.

      So we’re talking Nov 2020, to the 6th Jan. And all that jazz between then and now

      Qs first drop late 2017

      This place was on fire first half of 2018

      And then the music stopped

      I was here from the start

      And the first Laugh out Loud I had here in years was
      ‘but we made friends along the way’ over on the we’re closing thread. Pretty certain JR laughed as well

      I’m guessing Nidgie or Rotide

      Ok it’s a ‘if you know you’ll know’
      Broadsheet pre 2018 would know, and then turned it into a street party

      Broadsheet was the comments
      JR was our MC, our host, who gave us our themes and topics of the day
      And off we went

      When the comments got corrupted
      So did Broadsheet

      Totally warped

      multiple users login & privileges
      Are totally responsible for that

      Although I’m totally going to blame the commencement of the Jan 6 Committee hearings Bodger

      1. Ian - oG

        All the best V, always enjoyed your contributions and was sad to see you post less and less over the last two years.

        1. Vanessa Foran aka Celebrity Accountant aka Frilly Keane aka the Broadsheet Trolldog

          Ah d’ya know what Ian O
          The foundations of my relationship with Broadsheet was through the voice of Frilly Keane

          Getting cancelled
          Doxxed and all that came with it
          Especially stuff ye didn’t see here
          Made it tricky, so any content from me afterwards was always topic specific
          The swagger Frilly Keane allowed me strut about with
          And torment ye all with had run dry

          And only those from Broadsheet’s years at U-9s will appreciate this.
          But under many of the early Frilly Keane columns, you’ll find loads of lads saying I was going to destroy Broadsheet

          And now that I think of it
          I have a few disgusting emails from Memes saying the same thing

          Btw. And I might as well say it here
          For those Anon users that have very little respect for integrity and truth
          Twitter and Facebook and telegram and all those corporate sites
          Won’t be minding ye as well as Broadsheet did

          And I know what it’s like have lurkers make themselves visible in real life

          It’s not always good

          So mind yerselves

      2. K. Cavan

        Yes, 27 million new voters appeared, as if by magic, to make Joe Biden the most popular POTUS in history, at least temporarily.
        That could easily happen.

    3. K.Cavan

      You keep throwing darts, Vlad, but you’re not even hitting the dartboard. Trump? God help you, you’re living in a fantasy world if you need to discredit those who’s opinions you don’t share by dragging out Trump, QAnon, etc. It’s only Antifa fanatics that take that stuff seriously. QAnon is run by the CIA, for goodness sake, it’s glowing. Trump is a clown.
      Thanks for your little story about your great triumph in your battle of words with Charger.
      Confirms your location in a fantasy world inside your head.
      You genuinely think Russia just up and invaded the Russian parts of Ukraine for no reason whatsoever? The CIA coups were nothing to do with it? The arming of Azov, Ajdar, White Hammer, The Right Sector, etc by NATO had no bearing? You never heard of Stepan Bandera?
      Exactly how many dead children in Donbas do you reckon might’ve justified invasion? Just how much genocide is acceptable?
      Leave your room for some fresh air.

  24. mills

    All the best to you Nick.

    Your music posts were a highlight of my week, especially one like myself who didn’t get much of a musical education in her youth, and you managed to foster some of the nicest, engaging threads on the site.

    Thank you for taking the time to explain your position, and I really wish you had done this sooner. While I pretty much disagree with the majority of your position, I appreciate that your motive was genuine, and came from your own personal experience.

    You know you’ll be missed, me aul flower.

    1. Nick Kelly

      Thanks a million, Millie. I really appreciate that. I knew exactly the response that awaited me had I written this earlier. I was proved right by the tenor of some of the comments here today. Conversely , I am genuinely humbled and moved by all the messages of support. This special delivery of the milk of human kindness will keep me going for a while yet.

      1. mills

        I suppose that’s a very fair point. But I’m very glad you did come out and explain your situation. It’s much appreciated, even if not all of the comments reflect that.

        And sure, would broadsheet even be broadsheet if there wasn’t a blazing row in the comments while the world burns around us? Plus ça change, plus ça même.

        Best of luck and a big hug for the road :) x

  25. Slightly Bemused

    Thanks, Nick, for the fun and the times. Your competitions of a Friday helped me remember important times in my own life. Often they were the soundtracks of my weekends.

    The introductions to new bands was very welcome, and a great anodyne to some of the stations only pushing approved music.

    Although not today nor yesterday, one of my younger brothers was affected by the introduction of a new childhood vaccine, not available to me just a few years older than he. My youngest brother, several years younger again, got the same one, but more care was taken by my parents in approaching it. But with the extra years that had passed between the two it was more reliable

    As such, I supported your stance, for all that I have had many different vaccines over the years given my line of work. But do not know enough of the subject to have commented, and feared doing so would fan the flames. Maybe I should have, it may have given you knowledge of more support on speaking out about it.

    Take care of yourself, and those around you.

    1. Nick Kelly

      Slightly, your presence on this site was a balm to the soul. Your columns were so charming. I’ll miss them.

  26. goldenbrown

    if possible
    for the craic if nothing else
    before you sign off could we see a list of correlated commenters? you have logs of the incoming ip addresses, y? you must be aware.
    commenters using multiple handles is one of the contributing factors I stopped coming here, not only multiple handles but sometimes talking to themselves three ways in discussion threads
    not saying that moderation is easy but it was obvious, unhinged, insult to intelligence, perplexing

      1. Vanessa Foran aka Celebrity Accountant aka Frilly Keane aka the Broadsheet Trolldog

        Yes please

        And for all the ones you were wrong about SOQ
        Donate a ton for JRs going away collection

        I’ll make it easier, just the ones that are still on show here
        Let’s call it your tribute to Fake News

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            Is there a row

            All I see are bits’a handbags
            a few lads throwing shapes
            calling each other names like

            all in all, nothing that you wouldn’t see over on PremierView on the Monday after a Club Match

  27. goldenbrown

    apologies, I forgot to say thanks for all the effort you put in on the music side of things, most enjoyable!

    1. K. Cavan

      Just wait, ARK, the truckloads of merde are being flung at the air circulation units. All caused by Putin of course, there’ll always be some plausible deniability for the architects of this.
      Our entire financial system is buggered, collapse is inevitable, those in charge just need to make it all fall down, rather than up.
      Get in the pod & eat the bugs, you’ll own nothing, now, stop crying.

  28. Triona Ryan

    Most certainly said with feeling. John speaks just as highly of you. Really heartwarming!

  29. Pixie Hat

    I really cannot believe we won’t have anymore… say it isn’t true. It is where I go to get some idea of what is going on in this country and elsewhere. A huge loss. Subscriptions? I’d pay. Thank you for such great journalism and humour. And music. And odd stuff. Bruno featured in a looks a bit like Ireland picture and I wrote a book review… thank you best wishes.

  30. U N M U T U A L

    Thanks Nick for all the tunes and for the 2 x esteemy wins.
    Every Friday was a school day, always something new to be heard.
    Genuinely sorry to hear about your personal pharma experience. As Mille said above thanks for explaining your position, especially when you didn’t have to.
    No explanation was ever needed…

    As someone once said “‘A strong spirit transcends rules.”
    All the best going forward and in time honoured tradition of broadsheet… Fupp de begrudgers! ;-)

    Play on Nick, play on.

  31. Clampers Outside

    Thank you Nick for the Friday feeling, and the music.

    And as you say, one more with feeling… Makes me feel you have one more Friday muci post for the road… I do hope :)

    Thanks again, and for the regular Irish music posts, fair dues on getting those out :)

    My best to you, and I hope the vaccine woes can be addressed.

    To your health, I raise a Cidona! :)

  32. Tom

    To Nigel (and Clampers) above re: transgenderism. Saying that a transwoman is not actually a woman is not at all equivalent to saying they don’t exist. You can still recognise they exist as persons, even if you don’t think that a person embodied as a man (genetically, anatomically, hormonally, etc.) ever can be a woman.

    You can disagree with a person’s beliefs about their own identity without disrespecting that person. You too, Nigel, are committed to rejecting persons’ beliefs about their gender identity. For example, I think I’m a man, not a cisman. On the transgenderism view (which is a philosophical view about gender identity) there is no such thing as a “man” as such. “Men” who identify as male are cismales, not males. So if you are consistent Nigel you’ll think that I’m a cismale. But I deny this completely, my maleness is not contingent on whether I identify with it or not – my maleness is an objective given concerning my embodied identity. On your view of respect if you insist on thinking of me as a cismale then you are doing violence to my real identity, as I identify it. So, on your logic, you don’t think I exist. That’s absurd obviously, but it’s a consistent application of your view that disagreeing that a person identifying as a transwoman is tantamount to denying that person’s existence.

    While every person who thinks they are trans is every bit as valuable as anyone else, the transgenderism thesis is clearly absurd. It cannot accommodate any objective understanding of male or female, and so it trades on terms (male and female) it does not accept the objective reality of. It is ultimately self-defeating as an attempt to explain sexed identity because it ends up by denying that “man” and “woman” are real categories of identity. Test it out: ask a trans thesis proponent what a man is, and the very best they will be able to come up with is the (completely circular) response: “Someone who thinks they are a man”. But what is it that they think they are if they think they are a man??!!

    1. K.Cavan

      Tom, everything you say may be correct, well-argued, clear, concise but you know Nigel’s response:
      If you disagree with him on Trans, you’re a transphobe & he can feel good about himself by denouncing you.
      The guy is just consumed by whatever the latest woke garbage from the USA is, he can’t get enough of it.
      Like all Virtue Signallers, he has a guilty conscience about his failure to be a decent person in real life, so he makes up for it with his holier-than-thou online presence.
      He’s an open book, TBH.

      1. Tom

        What you claim Nigel does is exactly what you are here doing, K. Cavan: using the fact of disagreement with a person as proof of that person’s malevolence or bad character.

        1. K. Cavan

          My implication that, like all virtue signallers, Nigel uses that obnoxious behaviour to make up for shortcomings in real life?
          Oh, I’m sure about that, that’s not maligning his character, merely stating the obvious. Virtue signallers are also the censors, the deplatformers, the ones who report, write to people’s employers to get them sacked, check the internet, there’s a lot of it about.
          I would never do any of those things, I believe in free speech.
          And vulgar abuse.

    2. Nigel

      Luckily transgenderism is medically recognised, so you don’t have to personalise your rejection of their reality by having imaginary conversations wi me where you tortuously accuse me of rejecting your identity.

      ‘Cis’ just means ‘not trans’ so rejecting it as a label is like rejecting one part or the other of ‘homo sapiens’ because you don’t approve of neanderthals and then claiming I’m denying your existence because of it.

      The existence of trans people suggests gender is more nuanced for some people than the simple binary it is for most. That is all. This is interesting and a cause for wonder at the rich complexity of life, not panic, anger, denial and mockery.

      And as Descartes said: I think, therefore I am.

      1. Tom

        Yes, transgenderism as self-identity (inclusive of feelings, beliefs, etc. about oneself and one’s body) is medically recognised. So is anorexia nervosa. Separate is the question of whether an embodied man can be a woman. The biological, medical answer to that question is “no”. That doesn’t mean that a transwoman has to accept that answer, but it does raise the further question of what is meant when they identify as a “woman”. There are circumstances where this last question is of no public importance, but there are circumstances where it is.

        People certainly can have very complex, nuanced (and – let’s be real here – confused) thoughts about their gender identity. It is no cause for mocking anyone or denying those people exist. There still remains the real question of whether thoughts/feelings about one’s embodied identity as a “man” or a “woman” align with reality. Ultimately, the transgender thesis denies the objective reality of male and female embodiment. Talk about “gender” just obscures this important fact. If gender is divorceable from sexual embodiment as the transgender thesis supposes, then it is a purely subjective construct that causes only confusion by denying the existence of actual males and females. That seems important, in at least some circumstances.

        1. Nigel

          Actually the biological medical answer is yes, with appropriate intervention. Everything else is social acceptance. The very existence of trans people complicates our accepted binaries. Pretending they’re not real won’t change that though you may choose to do so. Attacking them and demonising them out of fear or disgust at their existence is not acceptable.

          1. Tom

            “Actually the biological medical answer is yes, with appropriate intervention.”

            That is simply not true. The only way it could be plausible is if feelings and thoughts determine biological reality – which is the end of biology as a science.

            “Attacking them and demonising them out of fear or disgust at their existence is not acceptable”

            Absolutely true (but I’m not sure why you raise that point with me since I’ve affirmed it twice already and have said nothing to contradict it).

          2. Clampers Outside

            Remember Tom that you are speaking with someone who uses alternative facts, psudo science and made up definitions of commonly used words.

          3. Clampers Outside

            I don’t know if you have heard of it, but this video is of interviews with a bunch of gender studies academics.
            It is quite the spectacle, in that if you just let the interviewees talk, as the interviewer does, the so called academics do a fine job of exposing their own nonsense.
            “What Is A Woman?”

            ( PS – Many have commented that they are no fan, or dislike the interviewer, but state that the content is on the nail in exposing the claptrap that is gender ideology.
            Just thought I’d state that as I’m sure Nigel will be on to comment about the interviewer while ignoring the content.
            As has been said of the interview – he gives them enough rope, to do the job themselves. It’s an eye opener! )

          4. The Nigel Account

            Where do you think those thoughts and feelings come from if not out of our bilology?

            I say it twice because believe it or not the science and biology of it are not as important to me as the reactionary backlash against a vulnerable minority hidden, when it bothers to hide itself at all, behind the bad-faith invocations of science and biology and logic. Trans people live with the science and biology and logic of their existence daily and don’t need lectures on it from either the well-intentioned or the hateful.

          5. Clampers Outside

            By your logic if I think and feel that I am an Apache Attack Helicopter then the science will follow.

            Bananas :)

          6. The Nigel Account

            ‘By your logic if I think and feel that I am an Apache Attack Helicopter then the science will follow.’

            Ah yes, the one joke. The cruellty, as they say, is the point.

    3. Vanessa Foran aka Celebrity Accountant aka Frilly Keane aka the Broadsheet Trolldog

      Mother ah’ jays

      Do know what lads

      Mebbe tis for the best….

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        I bet it will be good for the heads at BS towers, it can’t be good swimming in and against those kind of currents every day, you’d get a fierce cramp.
        Time to hit the spa for a well deserved rub down lads and a few cocktails.

  33. SailorGerry

    Thanks for all your efforts on the Broadsheet, and John also.

    The time between a conspiracy theory, becoming an established fact is less than 6 months and shrinking. I am glad you guys stuck to your guns with an editorial stance that ran counter to the government narratives, it was a breath of fresh air.

    Some people really struggle to accept the reality that their government will lie to them on a regular basis, about everything.

    It is a hard to swim against the consensus current, but from my perspective, you did a great job, with limited resources and distinguished yourselves in positive way.

    I will be happy to buy you a cup of tea, with a half pint of milk on the side, or a pint, and have a good yarn the next time I am in town.

    All the very best for the future, and fupp the begrudgers.

      1. johnny

        ..i always assumed Gerry was just taking the p…but hey, like most dad rock bands and reviewers you lost the audience,its kinda 101 in business,unless your a not for profit,otherwise its closing time.

        1. Nick Kelly

          Johnny, give my love to Gracie. You’re lucky to have such a beautiful companion.

          1. johnny

            …thanks Nick,most mornings i wake up and at least can remember HER name,i’m not short of beautiful companions,i just get bored easily,but thank you and all best with your next gig.

  34. Rojo

    I’ve never funded anything via Patreon but I would make an exception to keep Broadsheet going, didn’t agree with much of the covid coverage but alternative views are vitally important, you only realise this when you find yourself disagreeing with the mainstream narrative and then look around to see nobody speaking up.

  35. bisted

    …I’ve written this several times before but I feel that when the Covid plague is finally understood the role of Broadsheet should be acknowledged…it formed a focal point for all the flavours of doubters and naysayers…it hosted copies of the posters, notices and calls-to-arms for every organisation engaged in spreading that doubt…we are endebted to stalwart commenter Daisy who provided the generic term ‘ratlicker’…and photographer KN who documented the many marches and demos but who couldn’t disguise the tiny number involved…

    1. ANO

      Unfortunately the version of Android on KN’s rotary mobile phone isn’t supported by the Add Crowds filter app.

  36. Boba Fettucine

    Long time reader who gave up commenting years ago.

    I delayed getting a booster until I had to do so for travel last month.

    I was specifically asked if I had myocarditis, pericarditis or was taking blood thinners before the jab (for the first time out of 3 jabs). I replied “not so far”.

    I suspect BS may well be proven right in the medium term.

    Thanks for the tunes Nick.

  37. Shane

    Thank you for all your work on behalf of freedom, I hope you can recharge those batteries soon.

    1. Nick Kelly

      Thanks Steph. That photo of me was taken at Mount Teide volcano in Tenerife. I did once visit Carrick-a-Rede bridge but was too scared to cross it!

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