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Independent Alliance Minister Shane Ross has suggested a child-minding ‘Granny grant’

Shane Ross, who’s an honourable man
Will slip a few quid to your nan
It’s important to note
That most old people vote
Though that’s nothing to do with this plan

John Moynes


3D printed guns can be legally posted online

Do you think it would be lots of fun
To print out your own home made gun?
Well some experts fear
That it doesn’t appear
That it really can safely be done

John Moynes

Pic: AFP/Getty

Singer songwriter David Kitt is leaving Ireland because the cost of living is too high

A talented singer named Kitt
Has asserted that Dublin’s a bit
Too pricey for art
To thrive in its heart
So with sadness he’s going to split.

John Moynes

Pic via David Kitt

President Michael D Higgins wants gambling removed from sport

Our president reckons it’s bad
If your sport is served up with an ad
That makes you place a bet
That you later regret
And an outright ban would make him glad

John Moynes


Monk Daniel Kimura said he deeply regretted swearing in one of the responses

Some Buddhist monks out in Japan
Came up with a badly flawed plan
They decided to get
Themselves on the net
But gave the job to the wrong man

John Moynes

Pic via Guardian

A mosaic image of the region on Mars where the presumed water (in blue) is. 

They’ve found water under the ice
On Mars, so will this entice
Us to launch a new race
And journey to space
And live in a red paradise?

John Moynes

Image:: USGS Astrogeology Science Center

Friday’s blood moon will be the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century

The sky gazing boffins have said
That on Friday the moon will turn red
So what are the odds
That we’ve angered the gods
And that terror and panic will spread?

John Moynes

Pic: Getty

US Special Forces in Afghanistan have a dispensation to grow beards

In boot camp a yank’s face is cleared
Of the tiniest trace of a beard
But some troops are calling
This practice appalling
And say goatees are not to be feared

John Moynes

Pic: getty

This long stretch without any rain
Has left our supplies under strain
We’re facing the sight
Of no water at night
So we’ll just have to stick to Champagne.

John Moynes

Pic: Consumer Council of Water

The Imperial Russian Cruiser Dmitriy Donskoi rumoured to contain 200 tons of gold when it sank

If there’s truth in the tales that they’ve told
Some Koreans have found lots of gold
But you should beware
Of buying a share
Before we see what will unfold

John Moynes

Pic; Wikimedia