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Gardaí have objected to the renewal of a licence for Ted Lavelle’s pub (above) in Achill Island, County Mayo for alleged breaches of Covid-19 regulations

The owner of an Achill bar
Has learned the authorities are
Quite willing to act
If they think it’s a fact
That the right rules aren’t in place so far

John Moynes

Pic: Ted Lavelle’s

Taoiseach Micheál Martin (left) and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson meet at Hillsborough, Northern Ireland last month

Now Johnson’s proposing a bill
That experts are confident will
Cause much shock and awe
By flouting the law
Will this lead to good or to ill?

John Moynes


An Oxford University Covid vaccine trial has been put on hold due to an adverse reaction in a trial participant

In these times we all want to hear
That a vaccine could be drawing near
So a pause in a trial
Even just for a while
Is unlikely to lead to much cheer

John Moynes

Pic: AstraZeneca

Yes and No campaigns in New Zealand’s upcoming referendum on the legalisation and taxation of cannabis are split at 49.5% each

Of late it’s been widely agreed
That New Zealand’s a fine place indeed
But the voters are split
If you ask them is it
A smart move to legalise weed

John Moynes

Pic: Grizzle

A  man in Brisbane, Australia found two massive snakes (above) in his home which had fallen through his kitchen ceiling

An Aussie who likes to partake
Of some tea got up one day to make
A nice calming brew
But the next thing he knew
He was staring at a massive snake

John Moynes

Pic: Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation/Facebook