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“At least 125 U.S. companies have registered several hundred subsidiaries or investment funds at 70 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, a seven-story building in Dublin’s docklands, according to a review of government and corporate records by The Wall Street Journal.”

“The common thread is the building’s primary resident: Matheson, an Irish law firm that specializes in ways companies can use Irish tax law.”

“The building and its myriad occupants underscore the size of the task faced by revenue-hungry national governments hoping to plug leaks in their tax systems. The issue has engaged not only the U.S. Senate, which held hearings on it in May, but the Group of 20 leading industrialized nations and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.”

“The chasm in tax rates between Ireland and other countries is big business for the Matheson law firm. “The number of companies with registered offices at our headquarters is a natural corollary of our leadership in serving international businesses,” it said in a written statement.”

“U.S. companies can take advantage of Irish tax law in a variety of ways. Matheson didn’t answer a number of questions about the legal services it provides.”


Dublin Moves to Block Controversial Tax Gambit (Wall Street Journal)

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