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US President Donald Trump (left) and General Qassim Soleimani, head of Iran’s elite Quds Force, who was killed during an airstrike at Baghdad International Airport

Well Donald finds his job a chore
And impeachment’s a terrible bore
So he’s blown up a man
Who comes from Iran
As he thinks what he heeds is a war

John Moynes


Tánaiste and Minister of Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has warned that agreement on the restoration of power sharing in Northern Ireland must be reached in the coming days

Simon Coveney has made a bold claim
That the talks have now reached the endgame
But while they’ve agreed
That they’d like to proceed
For now they’re still handing out blame

John Moynes


The orca is one of the few mammals to go through menopause. Research suggests why: Grandmothers boost the survival of their grandcalves.

Life’s tough for the hardworking whale
So sometimes they have to avail
Of help from their nan
As only she can
Ensure that the youngsters prevail

John Moynes

Pic: Centre For Whale Research