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US President Donald Trump asked the Georgia Secretary of State to “find” votes to overturn the election results according to an audio recording

If at first you don’t succeed
Call someone in Georgia and plead
For them to help you
In staging a coup
And forging the votes that you need

John Moynes


US President Donald Trump issued 15 pardons last night including ones to four former government contractors who were convicted in a 2007 massacre in Iraq

The prisons erupted with glee
At Donald’s crook-pardoning spree
As a big mob of traitors
Who worked for dictators
Will now get to go home scot free

John Moynes


…John writes:

And that’s the last limerick of the year. Have a happy Christmas and I’ll be back in January…

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Chaos at London’s Heathrow Airport yesterday as travelers rushed to beat tighter UK restrictions caused by a new rona strain

I’m really not one to complain
But the Brits have invented a strain
Of Covid that’s said
To be more prone to spread
I hope they don’t do this again

John Moynes