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This morning.

Bamiyan, Hazarajat region, central Afghanistan.

Stumpy writes:

The ruins of the Shahr-e Gholghola citadel as seen from the air on approach to Bamiyan. Known as the ‘city of screams’ after it was sacked by Genghis Khan. Alcoves that used to house the Taliban-destroyed Buddha statues visible in left background (pix 3,4)….



A video showing what appear to be American forces urinating on dead Taliban fighters prompted anger in Afghanistan and promises of a U.S. investigation today, but the insurgent group said it would not harm nascent efforts to broker peace talks.

The videoshows four men in camouflage Marine combat uniforms urinating on three corpses. One of them jokes: “Have a nice day, buddy.” Another makes a lewd joke.

Video of Marines Urinating On Dead Insurgents Won’t Harm Peace Talks: Taliban (National Post)