The Last Voice You Want To Hear


This afternoon.


It’s satire!

Or is it?


That’s what they want you to think.

Stop it.

15 thoughts on “The Last Voice You Want To Hear

  1. George

    Bodger… Maga journalism now, is it?? Posting BB content. What next? Tucker or Gateway Pundit?


    Good lad… I mean, ..”journalist”.

        1. Mr T

          Ah yes, wikipedia. Because people with agendas cannot just edit it to their hearts content, no

          Also WWN or the Onion having a go at everyone? LOL

          1. George

            Ah, but BB absolutely IS a conservative knock-off of The onion, laddie.

            Now, what was the point you were attempting to make? Gwan, have another go….,

          1. George

            “JAQ-ing off” is what it is called, I believe.

            “I don’t know if Biden is senile, but…. I am Just Asking Questions about whether he might be senile (waves hands)

  2. K. Cavan

    That’s funny, the idea that Biden “plans” to contact these relatives, chances are, he’ll forget.
    The poor old codger is in an awful state, drugged out of his head half the time, incoherent the remainder.
    Very sad, it happens so quickly.
    He’ll still be better than Harris when he’s two weeks dead, though.

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