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Risteard Cooper as Terry Prone on last night’s ‘Apres Match Presents Election 1982 ‘on RTÉ

Did you stay in last night?

Rory writes:

I am surprised you haven’t mentioned the highlight of the campaign so far. RTÉ partially redeemed themselves last night for their abysmal, biased, fearful general election coverage (don’t get me started)  thanks to Apres Match. The uncanny Terry Prone take off [at link below], in particular left me, well…prone…..credit where it’s due, fair play in fairness, etc, etc.

Watch here


Maria Schweppe writes:

Ireland’s premier league comedy team, Après Match, is coming to play a home game in a town near you…

Expect pundits Eamon Dunphy, Liam Brady and Kenny Cunningham and ‘characters’ including George Hook, Paul Durkan, Joan Burton, Mary O’ Rourke, Alex Ferguson, Martin O’ Neill, Gay Byrne, Johnny Giles, Gunther and John Delaney.

We have ONE (yes just the ONE) pair of tickets to giveaway to a broadsheet reader to see the show in a venue of their choice (except the Mermaid in Bray which is completely sold out).

To enter just complete this sentence.

Just send me the tickets for [name venue] as I bitterly need a laugh owing to_____________________

Lines MUST close at 5.10pm


Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 13.02.07

But it is a pop-up comedy event consisting of Barry Murphy, Risteárd Cooper and Gary Cooke.

In fairness.

AND special guest, Colm O’Regan.

The Après Match lads write:

“Determined not to let down fans after the cancellation of the Killarney Festival of Music and Food, Après Match and Colm O’Regan have teamed up with the INEC to stage a pop-up comedy show in the Acoustic Room at the INEC tomorrow night.”

Tickets €15 from here

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Thanks Naoise