It Left Me Prone



Risteard Cooper as Terry Prone on last night’s ‘Apres Match Presents Election 1982 ‘on RTÉ

Did you stay in last night?

Rory writes:

I am surprised you haven’t mentioned the highlight of the campaign so far. RTÉ partially redeemed themselves last night for their abysmal, biased, fearful general election coverage (don’t get me started)  thanks to Apres Match. The uncanny Terry Prone take off [at link below], in particular left me, well…prone… where it’s due, fair play in fairness, etc, etc.

Watch here

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11 thoughts on “It Left Me Prone

  1. Neilo

    I’m reminded of a wag on this board (Mani? Bertie?) who quipped that the lady lampooned in the picture above looked like Mario Rosenstock impersonating Terence Stamp.

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