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Archer Lars Anderson demonstrates the dark art of ‘uncentering’ an arrow on release to bend its flight.

Achieved by a combination of air resistance and a deliberately offset shooting technique, the trick can send arrows around corners, over obstacles and even – with a sufficient headwind – right back to the archer.


archeryIn fairness.

Tomorrow. The All Ireland Archery Series in the Aquatic Centre, Blanchardstown, Dublin.

Johnny Saviour writes:

It might be of interest to some people on the site and for any parents looking for something different to do with the kids tomorrow.

If you can put it up on the site, that would be cool. I’m not involved with Archery Ireland  but I used to shoot :) and they are brutal at letting people know about this small but vibrant (and very friendly) community in Ireland.


Twang hipsters.

Archery Ireland