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zefrank presents true facts about a creature that survives by eating the faces of other animals, probably.

No really, stick with it – there are kittens.


Magician Yann Frisch at the 2012 Beijing International Magic Convention takes the old cup-and-ball routine to a whole new level.

Seriously, where the hell did that fourth ball come from?



Audience-cam footage of juggler Yanazo doing his thing (contact juggling, where the balls are moved around the performer’s body rather than being thrown in the air) at the 2012 Japan Juggling Festival earlier this month.

He won.


The Great LEGO Ball Contraption: created in 600 hours (over two years) by Japanese LEGO nut akiyuki – a room sized, utterly pointless, completely awesome 17-module systems-engineering triumph installed at the creator’s home.


Developed over the last year, the AlphaSphere is a digital audio prototype device covered in tactile programmable pads: a plaything for DJs, composers of electronica, (small children, cats) or whatever you’re having yourself.

Some young technohipsters will now fill you in on the details.

Shipping September 2012, and if you have £1000 handy, you can pre-order here.