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fantich-young-add-teeth-to-mary-janes-designboom-01 fantich-young-add-teeth-to-mary-janes-designboom-02 fantich-young-add-teeth-to-mary-janes-designboom-05
Apex Predator (for girls) – the latest in a line of toothed shoe sculptures (denture implants, not real teeth) created by UK designers Dominic Young and Mariana Fantich.

Don’t forget your matching plushie.

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These-Creepy-Plushies-With-Fake-Human-Teeth-2These-Creepy-Plushies-With-Fake-Human-Teeth-1plushiesMrs McGettrick o fMrs McGettrick‘s Fuggler Emporium adds glass eyes and fake human teeth to her handmade cuddly plush dolls (€20 – €40 each) for the express purpose of haunting your nightmares.

She explained to Reddit how she was offered real children’s teeth by friends, but drew the line there.