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3/9/2009 Second Lisbon Treaty Campaigns

Mr [Billy] Timmins (above), in a parliamentary question, asked how many girls in State care were “taken” to Britain or elsewhere for an abortion “following a court decision, following testimony from a psychiatrist for the State that she was suicidal”.

Yesterday Mr Timmins described the response [Six under-18s since 1992]  as “worrying” and asked: “If this legislation is about saving women’s lives, why was the treatment not provided in Ireland?

The Department of Health has said the issue of consent for minors for access to medical treatment is not covered in the Bill, “but is one which needs to be addressed separately”.


Why indeed, Billy?

Six under-18s in State care travelled abroad for abortions following mental health assessment (Mary Minihan, Irish Times)

Timmins to vote against abortion Bill (Marie O’Halloran, Irish Times)

(James Horan / Photocall Ireland)