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If you’ve ever wondered how much an AK-47 would set you back or just wanted to know if cooking Meth was a more profitable alternative to your day job, Havocscope has put together a global index of black market prices.

Their numbers are based upon open-source documents such as newspapers, government reports and academic journals as well as user submitted prices.

They would claim that the Irish black market is worth just shy of $3 billion, but to paraphrase The Guard, I don’t know what street they’re buying from.

H/T Stephen Blackmoore


Editor Alan Capriles’ cut of a chilling documentary short about the village of Hokshe, Nepal, where local residents estimate that nearly 70 people out of roughly 300 have sold their kidneys to black market organ harvesters

Lured to India by the promise of cash, villagers are tricked into thinking their kidneys will regrow “like a mango in a tree.” Years later the money is gone, and so is their means of survival.