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Killarney District Court, Kerry

Anne Lucey, in the Irish Times, reports:

“A 50-year-old man told a court he was “bribed” with the offer of home cooked bacon and cabbage to go to his mother’s house and cut the back lawn. He insisted he ate the meal on the porch and believed he did not breach an order not to enter her home.”

“Donal Cosgrave of West End, Rathmore, Co Kerry, was arrested for breach of contravening a barring order on July 1st. Mr Cosgrave was willing to produce the shoes with the grass still on them, to back-up his story, Killarney District Court was told on Tuesday.”

“Mr Cosgrave said he only called to his mother’s home at Woodlawn Estate, Killarney because she offered to cook him bacon and cabbage if he cut the grass. In effect it amounted to a bribe because no-one could resist his mother’s cooking, he said.”

Padraig O’Connell, solicitor, told the court the shoes were in an evidence bag, in court.”

Man ‘bribed’ with bacon and cabbage, court hears (Irish Times)

Pic: Radio Kerry

THE GOVERNMENT has moved to quash suggestions from within Cabinet that Europe should cut the cost of Ireland’s bank debt burden to boost support for the fiscal treaty referendum.

The Taoiseach, Tánaiste and Minister for Finance moved swiftly yesterday to declare that there should be no link between the referendum and the Government’s drive to ease the terms of the Anglo bailout.

They were responding to remarks by Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton in which she said a move to restructure the expensive IOUs used to recapitalise Anglo would aid the referendum campaign.

“These are entirely separate matters, in other words, the Irish people are not going to be bribed by anybody,” Mr Kenny told reporters in Brussels.

Yes, quite right.

Wait. What? No! Tell us more about the bribes!

Coalition rejects seeking Anglo concession to secure Yes vote (Irish Times)