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At the IFI, Temple Bar. Dublin 2.


Written and directed by Alan Gilsenan.

Based on the  final novel by Carol Shields, the plot involve…

Reta Winters (Catherine Keener) discovering her eldest daughter Norah (Hannah Gross) inexplicably drops out of college and is found on a Toronto street corner, pan-handling and refusing to speak, holding a cardboard sign reading GOODNESS.

The irish Premiere takes place in the IFI at 6.20pm TONIGHT.

Would you and a friend like to go?

We have two tickets to the screening which includes a post screening q&a with director Alan Gilsenan and Sinead Gleeson.

The first out of the hat with correct answer to the following question can pick up the tickets this evening.

Complete this Alan Gilsenan film title:

‘The Road To____________________________’

Lines MUST close at 5.15pm

(Should be able collect tickets at box office before 6.10pm)

UNLESS opens in Irish cinemas on March 16

This morning.

Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Dublin 15

Broadcaster and model Daniella Moyles launches the “unique pop-up cereal experience”, Nestlé Breakfast Cereals – Aisle of Wonder.


Ian writes:

Back due to popular demand, visitors of the Aisle of Wonder will be able to start the day with their own pick and mix combination of their favourite Nestlé breakfast cereals including family favourites such as, Shreddies, Cookie Crisp, Cheerios and much more!

Visitors of the Aisle of Wonder have the opportunity to create and enjoy their very own individual cereal creation by adding a variety of cereal choices, toppings, milk and yoghurt which are all available at the Aisle of Wonder pop-up cereal experience.

Top celebrate we have a Nestlé  cereal HAMPER to give away to a broadsheet reader. To enter, just complete this sentence;

‘The correct way to eat your breakfast cereal is obviously_____________________________’

Lines MUST close at 10.45pm.


Nestlé Breakfast Cereals Aisle of Wonder opens at Blanchardstown Shopping Centre from Wednesday 17th – Saturday 20th of May at 9:00am, before moving to Mahon Point Shopping Centre in Cork from Thursday 25th – Sunday 28th of May, finishing at Swords Pavilions Shopping Centre from Thursday 1st – Sunday 4th of JunNOMNOMNOM


With TWO free weekend passes to this weekend’s Massive Attack headlining Longtitude Festival [courtesy of Heineken] , we asked: What is your most cherished Massive Attack choon and why?

You answered in your tens.

Runners up:

“My most treasured Massive Attack tune is Unfinished Sympathy because I was in love and it was playing in my lovers room the first time we made out – “the curiousness of your potential kiss has got my mind and body aching” – all of my senses were buzzing and every time I hear that track I am back in that room -”like a soul without a mind In a body without a heart I’m missing every part” yeah yeah yeah. Yeah.” (Lliarggub]

“My most treasured Massive Attack tune is  Teardrop because I do a lovely falsetto version which would clear coppers on All-Ireland Sunday night.” (PJ Ryan)

“My most treasured Massive Attack tune, without question, it has to be Five Man Army, because: Any track that incorporates references to Subbuteo, Wilkinson Sword, Sony Budokan, Marconi and Trendy Wendy – while still oozing menace – is alright by me, and was on constant rewind and replay on my decidedly non-Budokan Walkman through the nineties. That combination of the pared down sound with minimalist percussion, the seamless transitions between the individual vocals, and said lyrics with namechecks.Plus Tricky on top form.” (Specific Graffiti)

“My most treasured Massive Attack tune is Safe From Harm. I was 16 working in Tesco’s on the tills for the summer while trying to woo the grungy fella that worked in the fruit and veg! I’m embarrassed to think now how sad and pathetic I was but it was one of the best summers of my life! I learnt a lot about Massive Attack and how to make dreads in your hair and I still know all the words to Safe From Harm! I have to confess that my wooing finally paid off, unfortunately he then moved to England at the end of the summer to live with his dad!”

“My most treasured Massive Attack tune is Angel, because back in the day I used to fall asleep listening to Atlantic Wave Radio 252 on my brothers old radio, and on more than one occasion that song would wake me up in the middle of the night and scare the living shite out of 9 year old me – when I hear it now it makes me fondly nostalgic of a much simpler time.” (IsMise)

“My most treasured Massive Attack tune is Safe From Harm because it was the first track on Blue Lines which my uncle gave me before moving to Berlin in the early 90′s. His ‘lifestyle’ was unapproved of on the home front. I think about him every time I hear it, and wish he’d been born 10 years later. The idea that the coolest guy I knew was made to feel unwelcome in this country confused the sh*t out of me when I was 14. Still confused, but if you hurt what’s mine etc.” (Zelig Is Jaded).


“My most treasured massive attack tune is Teardrop because it brings me back to being a very young teenager discovering new things and this track opened my eyes to what music could be beyond guitars, this broadened my horizons and led me to start to seek and discover new music from Beastie Boys to Beach Boys to Bach. I owe all of my aural pleasures to first hearing this track and seeing the ground breaking video on MTV before it turned into Punkd Pregnant Teens on The Jersey Shore.” (Banned of Censored)

Thanks all

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