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Further to yesterday’s slip-on drama (above)…

His actions – caught on camera – outraged the Broadsheet reading public.

Now he talks.

Sean Mac Labhrás writes:

Dear Broadsheet,

I own those feet, legs, and shoes referred to above. They were on public display for just five minutes yesterday.. in my defence, can I refer to the following mitigation:

1. The feet were folded and tucked as far away as possible from potentially aghast commuters.
2. Said feet were on view briefly, while looking aimlessly down on O’Connell Street-and then quickly reunited with said loafers.
3. The seat on the upstairs of the double decker is the only seat in which there is some legroom to stretch after a day’s toil.
4. The large window adjacent to the seat was opened by me
5. I have an issue with sore heels, and therefore putting the feet up – temporarily -is under strict medical orders
6. Both feet take active part in a daily shower, while socks are committed a diurnal rotation too. (Today’s striped number are settling in nicely this morning). This would cut down on any noisome emissions that could be in any way construed as toxic to civil society.
7. The Ecco loafers are a must for sensitive feet – as are the M&S cords for a man, who contrary to speculation is married with two kids.
8. I am 5ft 10ins, but the sly shot from my bus neighbour didn’t demonstrate this

There are far worse experiences on Dublin Bus, compared to a feet-up, viz, in no particular order, bar number one

1. People taking surreptitious photos of other people on the bus and then sending the image and appalled mini-editorial to Broadsheet…
2. People, like our friend above, glued to their smartphone or tablet via their eyes and ears like zombie passengers. Dublin Bus is fast resembling a ghost ride with the number of such addicts…although it is nice to see the very odd person actually reading a book, or knitting while travelling
3. People who eat a large Subway sandwich or McDonalds without opening the window or without looking in any way apologetic for same! ( pot, black etc)
4.  People, invariably at the back, talking about their upcoming court case, prison sentence, drug bust or …. the best modus operandi when robbing bikes from a gated apartment complex
5. Middle-class mums who talk, unashamedly, about making “smoked fish canapés” for the kids on Christmas day
6. The change of driver lark as the bus is nearing the city centre. Most galling is when the new driver isn’t waiting for the actual driver at the scheduled swop-stop for the latter’s union break.
7. Weekly fares increases on Dublin Bus, enough said.
8. Hordes of testosterone-fuelled schoolboys post 3.30pm on any route
9.  Hordes of Spanish students who invade the bus fleet during the summer
10.  Finally, bus drivers who disdainfully pull off from the stop, just as you arrive at their door, coughing your spine up from all the running you have done to reach it
11.     ….I could go on


Yesterday: Bus Loafer Drama