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*dry swallow*


Queens Public Library, Corona, New York.

Only infant cannibalism can save the climate, a ‘town hall’ meeting for US Democrat Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hears.

Isn’t that a little extNOMNOMNOMNOM

‘Eat The Babies’: Twitter Reacts To Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Town Hall Meeting (Newsweek)

Monday: Watch, Rinse, Repeat


[Professor Cormac] O Grada, a leading expert on famine, said there were many rumors about it in Ireland, but one documented report involved a John Connolly in the West of Ireland who came before the court on theft charges.
In the course of the prosecution it emerged that the family were in such desperate straits that his wife had eaten some of the flesh off the leg of the dead body of her son.


Cannibalism Was Likely Practiced In Irish Famine Says Leading Expert-N(Niall O’Dowd, Irish Central)