Watch, Rinse, Repeat


‘Earth Summit’, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1992.

WarrenP writes:

Same script, different decade.

Another daughter of the elite scolding us….

Earlier: Kevin Higgins: A Climate Of Mistrust


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121 thoughts on “Watch, Rinse, Repeat

  1. White Dove

    Bullies always act in the same way.

    This video really casts doubt on the elite’s credibility with regard to climate change – and supports theories of the somewhat obvious attempts they make to manipulate the masses.

    Eerily similar. Deserves to go viral.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Grets’s relations own a publishing company ive herd and I guess will be trying to sell the world her story next year..

  3. millie vanilly strikes again

    It’s nice to know that we were every bit as good at ignoring the adults of the future in favour of our own interests back in 1992.

  4. White Dove

    They should be encouraged by the fact that Miss Suzuki’s father managed to sell no less than 50 children’s books as well as “Severn: a Manual for Activists.”

    Not only did Suzuki have his own TV show, but the timing of Severn’s appearance at the UN is interesting – 1992 was the year of the Clintons.

    I read a great article in the NY Post this morning about Hillary. She must be the worst loser in history. For a constitutional lawyer who professedly advocates democracy, she doesn’t seem to give either very much value.

  5. White Dove

    More on Severn’s father, who has been a leading media figure in Canada since the 1960s:-

    “During global warming apex, Suzuki aimed his campaign at children. “Climate change has forced Santa to pack up his sleigh and find a new home,” he told shocked and distraught children on frequent television plugs claiming to be reporting live from the North Pole, “where Santa will live?” Donations for “Santa” were directed to the David Suzuki Foundation where lots of books could be purchased. In fact, the foundation offers eight innovative ways in which donors can provide—via your will is one of them.”

    Link at

    Be smart guys. Research. The internet makes the world a village. Judge people as you would if they lived in the same one. Don’t be impressed by bells and whistles and status. Wake up.

  6. Choom Lives

    Another MKU victim playing the role of “hero”.

    So sad you continue to encourage this.

    You have no morality; only agenda

  7. george

    So the CEOs and shareholders of companies producing vast amounts of carbon and the heads of state who aren’t taking climate change seriously are not the elite?

  8. White Dove

    Oh, and Suzuki has a net worth of 25 million dollars. Not bad for a man whose family were expelled from Japan during WW2 and who has spent his life as an environmentalist.

    The campaign mentioned above was called: “Give Money or Santa Gets It.” Nice.

      1. edalicious

        Not sure how it’s relevant but I’d be curious to know how David Suzuki was born a third generation immigrant in Canada in 1936 to a family that was “expelled from Japan during WW2”.

  9. Pip

    The highest temperature ever recorded in Ireland was 33.3 °C at Kilkenny Castle, on 26 June 1887. The lowest temperature was -19.1 °C at Markree Castle on 16 January 1881.
    I bet the town criers were scaring the bejaysus out of the locals with fearful warnings.

  10. Nigel

    A teenage girl in 1992 and a teenage girl in 2019, that’s two teenage girls speaking up about climate change iat the opposite ends of three decades, oh my God, will they ever let up?

      1. Ciuncainteach

        I’m struggling to under stand the point of this post. If you have a criticism to make, make it. This sniping from the sidelines; posting tweets from random twitter non-entities, bereft of actual substance or point of view, is beyond tiresome at this stage.

        You’re entitled to post whatever you like of course, but this sort of nonsense does the site a disservice. You’ve prepared plenty of content from the Disclosures Tribunal and you have a significant archive of information. You are a capable researcher. Why not on this issue?

        1. Bodger

          Ciuncainteach, wherever you stand on the science, the use of teenagers in this manner by adults who should know better is disgusting and very creepy.

          To then pretend that they are not carefully stage managed, scripted and acted performances insults everyone.

          As you can see, it’s an old tactic. That video above is nearly 30 years old. This child ( was used to drum up support ahead of Gulf War 1 saying Iraqis were taking Kuwaiti babies out of their incubators. She was, if I recall, a daughter of a Kuwaiti general and everything she said was proven false.

          1. Nigel

            You know what are even older tactics? Nasty insinuations, ad hominim attacks and false equivalences. Your stance on the science is irrelevant, but these teenagers arguing for action in response to climate change is the same as as war-mongering propaganda lies? Classy, Bodge. Now post that picture of the little Nazi girl with ringlets, that’ll prove Greta’s the real fascist.

          2. Clampers Outside

            But Nigel said you were doing much more than that, and you know…. If Nigel interprets, then it becomes a fact.

            * laughs hysterically *

          3. Commenter #1

            Lolol shock horror, these teenagers speaking forcefully and decisively 30 years apart on climate change are working from scripts! The very idea!

            Every teenager with the moral clarity to call out elite inaction in the face of climate change should speak 100% off the cuff, like David Niven with a “Nature” subscription. Christ alive.

          4. Rob_G

            What in the name of the jew jaysus does what some kid said on the first Gulf War 30 years ago, have to do with what some other kid is saying on completely unrelated topic today?

          5. Bodger

            To demonstrate that it is a very old tactic used to persuade using emotional blackmail and deployed to avoid scrutiny (How could you criticise the little childer, you big bully). The dissonance here by you and Nigel is embarrassing.

          6. Nigel

            No Bodger, it’s a completely unjustified false equivalence you are using to attack a teenage environmental activist. When you start from the position that what she’s actually trying to acheive doesn’t matter, you can say pretty much anything about her you want.

          7. postmanpat

            So in this analogy, who are the babies and what are the incubators? What is your point? Young women have been proven to lie in the past, so don’t believe young women? Man made climate change is a lie? Who would you prefer be the face of this movement? Greta represents the youth of the world. It kind of has to be a young person, it’s the while point , but you cant win because you’ll be accused of being a plant or a poor girl who is being abused. Which I don’t believe she is. She’s worked up, simple as that! do you know any 16 year old girls? Kids get worked up over nothing and they are fine afterwards. Greta is actually getting worked up over important issues, she is right and she is doing the right thing. All the faux concern from middle aged and boomer media personalities? they are the real liars . they only care about $$$ and don’t want their bottom line affected. They raise concern over a little girl that they just don’t like and spread lies about the general public (who they also don’t like) getting hit with fake green taxes. Trying to scare ordinary people into thinking they will lose the precious $$€€€£££ we were all raised to have a fondness for. But how much is enough? A capitalist (Greta’s true enemy) believes it is never enough. Screw the environment. Money is all that matters. The already wealthy people out there with too much to lose cant have talk of disincentives for polluting so they grasp at any pathetic argument and accuse the opposition of doing the same. If you don’t believe in man made climate change then fine. your an idiot and Grata should be of no concern to you. , but this fake “I’m an environmentalist” but “poor Greta, I’m soooooo concerned for her. honestly ” is bare face lying . You just don’t care about the environment and money is more important to you.

          8. Bodger

            Every media organisation agrees with you. Every celebrity/shill agrees with you. Every political party agrees with you.

            I think it’s a total scam but I am in a minority even among people working for Broadsheet.

            You should really be very happy the way things are going. It’s all working out beautifully. Why all the hostility toward one dissenter?

          9. Rich Uncle Skeleton

            That’s a ridiculous false equivalency. Drumming up support for war vs stating facts on climate change.

            But sure look, next month is when all the QAnon stuff is proven correct, right Bodger? I’ll be crawling back to tell you you were right all along any day now.

          10. Commenter #1

            “Every media organisation agrees with you. Every celebrity/shill agrees with you. Every political party agrees with you.

            I think it’s a total scam but I am in a minority even among people working for Broadsheet.

            You should really be very happy the way things are going. It’s all working out beautifully. Why all the hostility toward one dissenter?”

            LOL. Yeah, delighted that the scientists that GT wants us to look to believe that we might have irreparably harmed the planet we’re living on. Thrilled to bits.

            “It’s all working out beautifully.” Parody of elite attitudes to climate change, in which the impacts will only be felt by future generations and the poor; it’s just a game to them.

          11. Bodger

            You’ll get your carbon tax without much opposition is my point. Nobody gives a monkeys what I think except you Doomsdayers. You all should ‘cool down’.

          12. Nigel

            Really Bodger, have there been no media organisations/shills/political parties that don’t agree with her or find ways to criticise or attack her or reprimand her or her parents? At all? Not even in the daily Broadsheet paper posts? Ridiculous. Not to mention all the pleasant people online who take issue with her in various charming ways. You’re hardly a dissenter, since the fundamental political and economic staus quo is still very much against meaningful action on climate change. You’re throughly establishment in that regard.

          13. Nigel

            It’s funny, between ‘doomsdayers’ and ‘you’ll get your carbon tax,’ it’s still unclear whether you’re having a hissy fit over one policy (of many,) or the fundamental science of climate change.

          14. Bodger

            Unlike these child actors, I am old enough to remember when the ice age was coming. This is about about money not science.

          15. Nigel

            Yes, I’m old to remember it, too, and to remember it being discredited and forgotten except when climate change deniers want to pretend that science disporvong a theory and science proving a theory are the same thing.

            Now she’s a child actor, is she? So she’s pretending? Typically vague nonsense and accusations.

          16. Nigel

            Yeah, but you think Sandy Hook was a scam but Trump is honest. You decalre everything a scam as a matter of routine. Unless it’s Trump-related.

          17. Man On Fire

            Digression, oh so typical of Nigel.

            Idiot pumps Russia gate conspiracy for two years and than accuses someone else of same.

            Try harder.

          18. millie vanilly strikes again

            I love how you add precisely nothing to this entire debate. You seem to enjoy repeating the words of others in a strange reiteration of something that’s already been stated.

          19. millie vanilly strikes again

            I can at least count my wit and charm, something I sincerely doubt you lack (along with a brain, but let’s leave that topic for another day, my dear scarecrow) as well as being able to form my own opinions into a coherent point, again something I doubt you are actually capable of seeing as we’ve not seen you do anything beyond what amounts to:

            “Haha good one, Bodger”.

          20. Ciuncainteach

            I’m glad that you articulated your point more clearly. Whether this is an exploitative practice, and what impacts it could have on young people is definitely worth discussion.

            Perhaps you might consider this approach in future posts about this topic so that people won’t unfairly impugn your motives?

  11. Rob_G

    I guess that, conspiracy theory-wise, climate change denial was the next logical editorial slant for Broadsheet.

    1. Nigel

      Oh now maybe they’re not denying climate change, maybe they just think it’s a tool of the elite to control the masses and anyone who thinks we should do something about it is a stooge or a dupe.

  12. Nigel

    Love your update. A list of random unsourced predictions in reply to someone who doesn’t understand what climate change actually means. And some people have the cheek to suggest that Greta doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

    1. Commenter #1

      Also it’s very weird to see the publisher of Broadsheet criticise anyone for their apparent “elite” credentials.

        1. Commenter #1

          Being a child of the “elite” is a problem when it’s GT advocating for action against climate change; it is not a problem when the publisher of Broadsheet claims her advocacy to be a fraud.

          1. Bodger

            We were told (by her supporters) that Greta was just a regular Stockholm schoolgirl. Then we discover her background and the fact she has a full-time chaperone from Bono’s One organisation.

            The girl above tells us that she and her friends raised the air fare to go to a UN conference (not paid by her millionaire climate activist dad, no way).

            It’s all baloney.

          2. millie vanilly strikes again

            You know, it’s not very clear when wading through that verbose pissing contest what the editorial stance on this topic is.

            Hence my question.

            The demonization of Greta is a whole other topic that I have neither the time or energy to go into with anyone. Whatever the truth, she has my sympathy.

          3. Clampers Outside

            She does, which is of course, fine. But the group’s she speaks on behalf of, like Climate Justice Now and their demanda for reparations…. nope.

          4. Commenter #1

            Well I’m afraid that, given the publisher of Broadsheet is a member of the elite, I cannot believe anything said here about climate change. I will instead listen to the scientists that GT directs us towards. Unless they’re members of the elite too? This being the only standard for truth now.

          5. Clampers Outside

            She’s a representative of and spokes person for Climate Justice Now.

            Are you ready to start paying the reparations that they demand you pay?

          6. Nigel

            In what sense is she not a regular Stockholm schoolgirl? Her activist parents? Growing up in an activist household which inspired her own activism? Her campaign is supervised and supported by adults who watch out for her and help her? She’d literally need to float across water to qualify for the level of saintliness you demand.

          7. Commenter #1

            Also LOL at anyone who ever thought Greta was a “regular” schoolgirl. She is obviously exceptional, and has always been. Doesn’t make her wrong.

          8. Nigel

            Again, in what sense is there any fraud being perpetrated here? Do you think she doesn’t mean what she says? Do you think she should be travelling the world and speaking at events without adult supervision and support and the permission of her parents? There are other children aroujd the world taking the role of activists, are they all frauds or is only the one who has risen to this level of prominenece? Do children have no stake in the future?

          9. Clampers Outside

            And you’re up on Snopes…. LOL!

            Who’d have thunk that?
            Well, those u listed, and anyone who pays attention really :)

          10. scottser

            hey bodge, if you don’t like the message delivered by a teenage girl, i’m sure they can find a delivery method that works for you.

          11. Nigel

            It’s very decent of you not to baselessly attack a teenage girl and to confine your baseless attacks to her friends and her family and her message and her activism and everything she does and everything she says. Your conscience is clear.

        2. White Dove

          In what respect is the publisher of Broadsheet a member of the global elite, hangin’ out with Bono and Princess Caroline’s kids? Seriously. Inquiring minds would really like to know.

          1. Commenter #1

            You said it best yourself:

            Be smart [guy]. Research…Don’t be impressed by bells and whistles and status.

          2. White Dove

            Rest assured, I read all the available material on all contributors to this site, before I ever commented on it, and it fully confirms the hairshirt assertion. I see no private jets, no fancy invitations, and no Eurovision performances in the past of any regular contributor to this site. What I see is a very sincere and decent team led by a very sincere and decent man. Someone really has to say it. It’s about time. Treat Bodger and his contributions with the respect they deserve.

  13. White Dove

    Also, that little girl above started her climate change protests at nine. Nine. Do you really think that it was unprompted? The fact that the UN were so ready to use her as a figurehead does not inspire confidence in Greta’s position being her own unscripted one.

    Can I ask you? Do you above get active pleasure from coming on a site and putting down the views of one of its contributors, without even considering or researching them? Do you ever think for yourselves or research for yourselves? Do you understand spin and how it is used? If not, you are only living a half life and are at the mercy of smarter people far less scrupulous than those running Broadsheet. Things will never improve until people question things. And yet you come to this site every single day, which indicates some sort of yearning to consider things more deeply, at least on the part of the non-shills. A lesser person than Bodger would find it all quite amusing. It’s a testament to his sincerity and care for his readers that he instead finds your response depressing and sad.

  14. Formerly Known As

    As someone who had to endure Tony Abbott as PM, my advice is to ignore everything he says or presume the opposite is true. He is such a psychopath.

  15. Capt. McAllister

    Delete this. Bizarre that Broadsheet is sharing climate change denial. Conspiracy theory is not news.

      1. Capt. McAllister

        lolwut I’ve been irregularly posting using this name and email for years. Even if you were slightly correct, it doesn’t change the fact that Bodger is posting bizarre conspiracy theory that should be deleted.

  16. Nigel

    I didn’t see you’d changed the update. We’re back on the Infowars UN NWO ZOG style conspiracies, only this time they’ve faked up a massvie, decades-in-development scientific theory with thousands of scientists (but not the ones funded by oil companies) on board to bring it about. Such geniuses, these lizard people.

  17. Cian

    Anyone else get strange sorting of comments?
    When comments are nested deeply like this, and everyone is replying to the 5-th level comment, I would expect to see them sorted by time, but it seems to sort them randomly…

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      It makes for confusing reading when we have a massive thread explosion like this. If you’re on the app, sometimes it’s a bit easier, or so I’ve found in my experience.

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