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The photographer who witnessed this told Jalopnik:

Saw this while in San Francisco Thursday morning…

Apparently a Porsche 911 driver with more money than brains plowed into a pit of fresh cement where they were repaving the road along the coast. Just before this the workers were frantically trying to shovel out the cement before it set any further. No obvious sighting of the owner, however.

How much you wanna bet she/he was on the phone at the time?


UPDATE: Seems he/she was a ‘he’…

 (Thanks David)

London based artist Isaac Cordal has been installing miniature cement sculptures in cities around Europe for years. Darker (and presumably more permanent) than the work of Slinkachu, you may already have stepped on a few.

Left to fend for themselves amongst the chaos of everyday living, they can be found in the most unlikeliest of places. From paddling in gutters to sitting majestically on top of bus shelters, these concrete sculptures are like little magical gifts to the public. A small rip in the matrix of our everyday lives, that only a few lucky people will have both seen and loved, but so many more will have missed.

BOOK: Cement Eclipses: Small Interventions in the Big City

GALLERY (25 pix) Miniature Cement Sculptures: Street Art By Isaac Cordal (TwistedSifter)

(Thanks to The Heid)