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An impressive get-together featuring characters from all manner of sci-fi sagas, franchises and one-offs by graphic artist Jeff Carlisle.

Lose yourself in more detail here.


Eighty² – a limited-edition fine art print by Scott Park

As distinct from his also excellent and previously mistakenly posted (apologies for the confusion) celebration of women in TV and movies  – Hall Of Heroes (below).


A stop motion animation by Scottish animator Ainslie Henderson turns meta as the animator’s creations break off, fashion their own instruments from workbench detritus and form their own short-lived electronica band.



The pixelated street art of Johan Karlgren, aka Pappas Pärlor, who creates his pop culture and game referencing creations with Qixels, colourful tiles that stick together with water

MORE:Between Street Art And Pixel Art, The Amazing Creations Of Pappas Pärlor (DYT)