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HSE The HSE Children and Family Services has published the Annual Report 2011 and Annual Report 2012 and a series of reports carried out by the National Review Panel (NRP) for Serious Incidents and Child Deaths – showing 38 children in HSE care, or known to the HSE, died in 2011 and 2012. There were 60 deaths in total between 2010 and 2012.

The reports have found there were 15 deaths and one serious incident concerning children in HSE care, or known to the HSE, in 2011 and 23 deaths and one serious incident in 2012.

The report states the HSE were not notified of four deaths which occurred in 2011 until 2012, but that these deaths are included in the 2011 figures.

Of 2011’s 15 deaths:

Eight died by natural causes.
Two died by an overdose.
Three died by suicide.
One died from a road traffic accident.
One died in an ‘other accident’.

Of last year’s 23 deaths:

Nine died by suicide.
Two died from road traffic accidents.
Four died in ‘other accidents’.
Seven died by natural causes.
One died by homicide.

Further details from the reports below:

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The following table details the total number of deaths of children in HSE care, or children know to the HSE between 2010 and 2012.


Reports in full here

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15 had no care plan – a plan to provide for consistency of care.
9 had no medical examination once they were received into care.
11 had difficulties in relation to the consistency of social workers being appointed to them.
10 had difficulty in finding suitable placement.
There was a poor standard of record kept in relation to 15 of those children.
There was no critical incident report completed for 26 of the children who died.

Of the 68 known to the HSE, who died of non-natural causes, 32 were under 13, six were under 1.

And the greatest cause of death among the 68 known to the HSE was suicide.

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