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God’s Anointed New Generation.

They are among us.

Ted writes:

Hundreds of passers by were entertained by a hip hop performance on O’Connell Street yesterday evening. Young Americans handed out flyers promoting a free event due to be held in Liberty Hall (August 4th). It appears the event is being organised by Victory Outreach international, a highly controversial evangelical Christian organisation who were previously exposed in an RTÉ investigations unit report. The event is part of what’s being billed as a ‘European Invasion Tour’ that appears to target young people. Victory Outreach have actively campaigned against LGBT equality and have been accused of exploiting vulnerable people in Ireland and abroad.

God’s Anointed New Generation- European Invasion (VictoryOutreach)

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Omar Sarhan writes:

An interesting symbol outside the church of St. Agatha near the 5 lamps in Dublin.
ن (the Arabic letter for “N”) is used in ISIL controlled parts of Iraq/Syria. Christian property is marked with an “N”, or ن , it is the first letter of the Arabic word for Christian, “Nasrani” or “Nazarene”. It has being documented that property is often seized after some time. In many western countries the symbol is used to show solidarity with Iraqi Christians.

k-bigpicThe interdenominational Christian organisation Exodus International that sought to cure gay people of their homosexual desires has shut up shop after 37 years.

In an open letter to the LBGT community, founder Alan Chambers has apologised for the pain and hurt inflicted on people over nearly four decades saying that the group had “been imprisoned in a worldview that’s neither honoring toward our fellow human beings, nor biblical.”

There were several years that I conveniently omitted my ongoing same-sex attractions. I was afraid to share them as readily and easily as I do today. They brought me tremendous shame and I hid them in the hopes they would go away. Looking back, it seems so odd that I thought I could do something to make them stop. Today, however, I accept these feelings as parts of my life that will likely always be there. The days of feeling shame over being human in that way are long over, and I feel free simply accepting myself as my wife and family does. As my friends do. As God does.

I am sorry (Alan Chambers, Exodus International)

Closing time: “Ex-gay” group realizes they’re wrong (GLAAD)


Dredd 3D is a vile, inhumane, and horrifically violent movie from beginning to end. It has an extremely nihilistic humanist worldview where anything-goes behavior is exercised by both the villains and the hero. Dredd is not only a frontrunner for the worst movie of the year, but easily stands as one of the most repellent films of all time.

A review from Christian website, Movieguide.org


That’s exactly what we thought of the Stallone version.

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(Thanks John Moynes)