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Ay oh whey oh.

I’ve studied things Egyptic
Those writings weird and cryptic
Upon the tombs that dot Sahara’s sands
I’ve solved each strange inscription
Left by each wise Egyptian
And hold the mystic secret in my hands
The Irish were Egyptians long ago
Just read between the lines and you will know

It must have been the Irish who built the Pyramids
For no one else could carry up the bricks
It must have been a Doyle who dug the river Nile
For no one but an Irishman would fight a crocodile

I think these Micks were Turks Mohammedans and Ghurks
They speak of “Irish Turkey” till today
Cleopatra was a colleen who came from Connemara
She lost her nationality while roaming in Sahara

The Irish Were Egyptians Long Ago, (1940)

Pharaoh nuff.

Via Baylor University

Thanks Historical Dub