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…and win the All-Ireland Hurling Final.

Galway County Cllr Michael Fahy, an Independent, calls for a ban on foreign workers in relation to the construction of the Gort to Tuam motorway.

From this week’s Connacht Tribune:

The five hundred jobs that are to be created during the construction of the Gort to Tuam motorway should be given to Galway workers . . . and not foreigners.

It has been argued that hurling teams in South Galway are decimated through emigration and there was a need to attract these hurlers back.

But Cllr. Michael Fahy emphasised that he had nothing against people from Poland, Latvia or Lithuania.

“The point I am making is that they should go home and try and get jobs in their own countries.

“We are currently in a crisis situation in County Galway. We haven’t enough jobs for our own people.

It is 26 years since we won an All-Ireland hurling title and the main reason is that some of our best hurlers and workers are living abroad”, Cllr. Michael Fahy added.



Controversial Galway Councillor wants motorway jobs kept for local workers (Connacht Tribune)

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Classic Hits 4FM’s Niall Boylan grills Cllr Fahy this afternoon.

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A County Galway vintners’ chief and County Councillor has advocated a review of the drink driving legislation which would allow customers to drink two or three pints and drive home safely. The publican said that it was up to the individuals concerned but he felt happy that some people could drive home safely with three pints on them and that there were those that couldn’t. But Timmy Broderick said that there was no way a person should lose their job or their livelihood if they were caught and prosecuted for drinking and driving.

“The legislation with regard to drink driving has to be changed if pubs are to survive. At the moment the owners of rural pubs cannot make a living and they are opening at times that is reflective of the trade that they do. It might cost a couple to come out on a night and possibly spend €60 between them on a few drinks and a taxi home but it is a lot safer than having a couple of bottles of whiskey which they could get for the same amount,” Timmy Broderick added.


Councillor wants to relax drink driving limits to three pints to save rural pubs from closure (Declan Tierney, Connacht Tribune)

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