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Do not attempt to read another post.

This morning.

Via RTE:

Construction workers are using their equipment to remove parking clamps according to a Dublin City Council report.

Foot patrols to increase the use of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) is being recommended as a way of reducing the removal of clamps known as “Code Blacks” .

The report said that Castleforbes Street in the north inner city had the highest incidence of ‘Code Blacks’ with a total of 43 between February and November last year and including 14 in September alone.

Other streets with high rates of Code Blacks were Mount Street Upper, Sheriff Street Upper and South Circular Road.

The use of FPNs was introduced as a more effective deterrent than clamping last June for six specified offences including parking on a footpath, a bus lane or cycle track.

Another 17 offences were added last October “to address areas of concern particularly around construction sites“.

Construction workers use equipment to remove clamps, Dublin City Council reports (RTE)

Pic: Reddit