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A random pick from the spectacular selection of eye candy submitted to the National Geographic Photography Contest. The winner will be announced later this month.

Above: a young Spectacled Spiderhunter calls for its parents in Borneo (Bjorn Olesen); flare fishing off the Chinese coast (Chang ming chih); a ‘smiling’ Sweat Bee (Noah Fram-Schwartz); fog over the village of Jamnik in Slovenia (Janez Tolar); a rebel guarding the Benghazi shipyard during the Libyan revolt (Mohannad khatib).

More entries here.


Couples participate in a kissing contest in Hefei, East China’s Anhui province Feb 18, 2012. A total of 63 couples took part in the contest in which men must carry their partners while kissing and try to last as long as possible. The winner will be rewarded a 1-carat diamond ring, local media reported.

Hey. They called us the Hong Kong of Europe.

They can do whatever they damn well please.