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The window of Daintree Paper on Camden Street, Dublin 2

Zita Spring writes:

Just wanted to throw some love in the direction of Daintree Paper on Camden St, now under new management.

Former owner […] Paul Barnes generated negative publicity for Daintree last year because he refused to sell “any merchandise that promotes same-sex marriage” because of his Catholic beliefs. Barnes announced that he was selling the business a few months after that.

Now under new management, Daintree posted these pictures to their FB page this evening. The sample invites in the window display are for same-sex civil partnership ceremonies. Nice. I’m not affiliated with the shop, just really pleased to see this!

Daintree Paper (Facebook)

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daintree Daithif writes:

The Camden Street, Dublin stationers is closing…




“I am writing with some bad news. After 18 years of supplying Ireland with the most beautiful papers, wedding stationery and other paper delights, Daintree will be closing on 31 January 2014.
I would like to thank all our customers for supporting us over the years. It has been a lot of fun and as well as fantastic customers, I have had the pleasure of working with many, many, brilliant, creative and loyal fellow workers. We will have a closing down sale starting today online and in store. I invite you to drop in, say goodbye and get a great deal.
For anyone who might be interested in taking over the business, it is for sale.
In a scaled down version (we currently employ 14 between full time and part time), Daintree is, in my opinion, a viable business. . If you are in a position where you could offer work to any of the brilliant people who are losing their jobs, you can email me as well.
For your information, we are simply ceasing to trade, all our suppliers will be paid and staff will receive redundancy and you’ll still be able to access The Cake Café.
Best wishes,
Paul Barnes, Daintree Paper

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Barnes Daintree

You may recall a post from Monday in relation to Daintree Paper, on Camden Street in Dublin after its owner Paul Barnes, top, removed a same-sex cake topper from a display.

Jane Casey of Gay Community News (GCN) writes:

“Today GCN received an open letter from Paul Barnes, owner of Daintree Paper Ltd, responding to the cake topper fiasco. Thought it might be of interest to Broadsheet readers considering how much attention the story received earlier this week…”


To whom it concerns.

Over the past few days I have received many emails and messages through social media expressing a whole range of emotions at a decision I made in my business to remove a same sex cake topper from a display in my shop the Daintree Wedding Hub which is located behind Daintree paper on Camden Street in Dublin.

I would like to say that in doing this, it was in no way my intention to cause offence to anyone and I unreservedly apologise for any offence caused.

I am not homophobic, I have employed gay people in my business and I have never refused to print invitations for civil ceremonies.

I do have beliefs however, and these beliefs are formed and orientated by the Roman Catholic Church, a church of which I am a member.  I try to live by its teachings because this church has given me many, many blessings in my life, and in my family for generations.

The reason I removed the topper was that it is my opinion that it does not reflect the values I try to aspire to.  These values influence my whole life as can be seen in the Daintree building and the products we sell in our shop which respect and care for the environment.  The easy option would have been for me to ignore the topper, however in doing this I would have felt like a total hypocrite.

The mistake was mine in not making it clear to Nicola Hyland, of the Cake Topper company, and indeed the other vendors what I thought was acceptable to display in the Wedding Hub.

I respect and acknowledge the right of those who disagree with me, even those who tried to organise a boycott against the shop, I simply ask the same respect for my freedom.

I wish you all well.

Yours sincerely

Paul Barnes, Daintree Ltd.

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