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Luke B & Leigh Michael featuring ZimbackKokoro

Leigh Bray musicians Luke B & Leigh Michael (top in background) return with part two of their project ‘Art of the Sly Man’.

This time joined by Osaka, Japan-born rapper, and now Dublin settler, Zimback (top foreground).

Part 1 here

Leigh Michael

Luke B


JyellowL – Nuh Fi Hurt Me (top) and Spooky (above).

Phil Udell writes:

Fresh from being picked as one of 2018’s most promising new acts by The Thin Air and State.ie, as well as an astonishing show at Whelan’s Ones To Watch, Dublin rapper JyellowL has released two new videos from his debut Bulletproof EP.

While the tracks may be of different styles (showcasing the softer and harder side of his music), the videos act as companion pieces – telling the story of confronting your demons, conquering them before eventually becoming them.

JyellowL (Facebook)

Syntax suffices and hits this time
Your semantics practiced is in decline
Your pedantic static enterprise.
Is a tantrum: that of a neglected child.


Shots fired.

Bray rapper Leigh Michael goes below the fold in Acapella Archive, episode 18.

Leigh writes:

Today’s episode is a response to a comment hinting at the ‘private language’ and ‘Chinese Room’ arguments for potential philosophical themes to explore in verse. I’m also going to take the opportunity to explore the nature of online commenting.

Leigh Michael

Luke B & Leigh Michael – Hope You Don’t Mind

Bray [County Wicklow] rapper Leigh Michael and Bray producer Luke B with a cut off Art of the Sly Man part 1 and a tangy video directed by Kate McCarrol.

Warning: slightly NSFW.

The album’s first four tracks are available on Bandcamp here

Leigh Micheal

Luke B


Níl cathair nach bhfuil muid ann faoi lathair,
Corcaigh, Doire agus fiú amháin D4,
Ag scriosadh na háite ar mhaithe le bheith saibhir,
Ansin ag déanamh snaois bhán le réaltaí TG4.

So goitse anois, agus déanfaimid deifir,
Mar tá mise ró-stuama anois faoi lathair,
Agus beidh muid ag dul go maidin le Rónán Mac An Rí,
‘cause’ foc na riallacha atá ag RTÉ


KNEECAP (Facebook)

Sitting comfortably?

Bray rapper Leigh Michael’s Acapella Archive, episode 17.

Leigh writes:

In todays verse I used the style of battle rap to share a life changing message I received during my last psychedelic experience

Leigh Michael

Oh, it’s on.

At Good Name in the Bernard Shaw, South Richmond Street, Dublin 2

Des Garvey writes:

Two of Dublin’s most promising MCs join us for a double-headliner on November 16..

Luka Palm; We first heard Luka at a Softboy Records label party at Good Name last year and were blown away by a young lyricist broadcasting an intellect well beyond his years. Don’t miss a rare performance from someone you’ll be hearing a lot more from in 2018.

Bobby Basil; Having enjoyed success with the mighty Dah Jevu and dropping some well-received collaborations with Wastefellow, Bobby is gearing up for some fresh releases in early 2018.


“Free to All”

Luka Palm & Bobby Basil at Good Name (Facebook)

And how its done.

Bray rapper Leigh Michael writes:

I’m delighted to share with you episode 16 of ‘A Capella Archive’ – ‘Biro-technics’. In this episode I return to my word play ground to have fun with writing metaphors, expressing my technique with an inter-changeable flow. Hope you like it.

Leigh Michael