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Leigh MichaelGrief Verse

Bray [County Wicklow] rapper Leigh Michael (top) has composed an emotional tribute to his late father.

Leigh says:

“This week marked the 5-year anniversary of my father’s passing so I decided to make a video of one of the more cathartic verses I’ve written on the experience.

This particular verse focuses on the shock and unexpectedness of his death and the aftermath felt by myself and my loved ones during that time. The beat is produced by Chap Stallion.”

Nick says: Let grief be a fallen leaf.

Leigh Michael

Leigh Michael (feat Bríd Gallagher)- Lyricology

Decent Bray, County Wicklow-rapper Leigh writes:

On Saturday March 2, Fluttertone productions and I are launching our single ‘Lyricology’ featuring Bríd Gallagher, upstairs in the ‘Workman’s Club Vintage Room’.

Lyricology (above) will be available on all major streaming platforms on the same date (March 2nd). The night will feature a performance from myself Zimback, Staz and Bríd with support from special guests Wax White, Row-B & Carl Phrench.

Leigh Michael – official Release of Lyricology (facebook events)

Leigh Michael

Staz Beats & Leigh Michael & Zimback – Spider Fight

Bray emcee Leigh Michael and Parisian producer Staz Beats join forces with Osaka, Japan rapper Zimback for their first release.

Leigh writes:

We have been performing together around Dublin for just under a year blending bilingual lyrics and balancing a new international fusion of hip hop. Bound by the webs of anxiety,In ‘Spider Fight’, me and Zimback battle the shadow self over Staz’s dark and menacing beat….

Leigh Michael

Bray-based rapper Leigh Michael goes backwards

Leigh writes:

In the latest episode of A Capella Archive I shake things up by writing my rhyme in reverse.

Beginning with the last line and working my way to the opening.

I find writing practice excercises like this can be a useful tool to combat writer’s block.

Leigh Michael

Syntax suffices and hits this time
Your semantics practiced is in decline
Your pedantic static enterprise.
Is a tantrum: that of a neglected child.


Shots fired.

Bray rapper Leigh Michael goes below the fold in Acapella Archive, episode 18.

Leigh writes:

Today’s episode is a response to a comment hinting at the ‘private language’ and ‘Chinese Room’ arguments for potential philosophical themes to explore in verse. I’m also going to take the opportunity to explore the nature of online commenting.

Leigh Michael

And how its done.

Bray rapper Leigh Michael writes:

I’m delighted to share with you episode 16 of ‘A Capella Archive’ – ‘Biro-technics’. In this episode I return to my word play ground to have fun with writing metaphors, expressing my technique with an inter-changeable flow. Hope you like it.

Leigh Michael