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Irish Adventurer Derek Cullen (top) last week completed the Pacific Crest Trail – a 4,268km Trek from Mexico to Canada – the equivalent of 102 consecutive marathons or walking from Dublin to Cork 16.8 times.

Derek encountered bears, wolves and rattlesnakes through multiple deserts, mountain ranges and remote glacial landscapes on the mammoth hike.

Dubliner Derek said he took on this journey for his own happiness but cited mental health awareness as a major motivation for the adventure when he took questions (above) on Saturday in Manning Park at the border of Canada.

Derek sez:

“At first, I was mostly terrified of bears and rattlesnakes. But I encountered so many of them on this journey that it seemed pointless to keep on worrying about what might happen with them. I guess this is also a story about life – we spend too much time worrying about things that never happen”.

In fairness.

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Derek Cullen at RTE this afternoon


After cycling 11,000km unsupported through Africa while living in a tent…

Dubliner Derek Cullen writes:

I’ve just returned to Ireland after cycling for one year from Africa for [children’s cancer charity Aoibheann’s Pink Tie. Basically I was given a Garda escort through Dunboyne, Co Meath yesterday to the castle where I met the children with cancer and their families for the first time.

there was a Q & A with all the little ones which was just lovely – their questions were things like “Were you afraid?” “How did it feel being chased by an elephant?” or “Where did you find water?”.

I also met Aoibheann’s parents for the first time after speaking with them from afar all year – Jimmy and Ann Marie, it was an honour to cycle africa for one year with the Spirit of Aoibheann on my shoulders. Cheers guys.

Fair play though in fairness

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Heroic Dubliner returns home after raising thousands in year-long cycle through Africa (breakingNews,i.e.)