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View_of_Nauru_airportThe Island of Nauru in the Central Pacific

A spokeswoman for Facebook said: “We believe that restricting access to a free and open internet deprives people of important economic and social opportunities and choices, and hope that access will be restored soon.”

Opposition members of the Nauruan parliament have expressed concern about the censorship in Nauru.

The former president, Sprent Dabwido, said the block was imposed due to “paranoia” about independent media scrutiny on the island nation.

The Facebook ban was directed by the Nauruan government, but was imposed by the nation’s internet provider, Digicel. It came shortly after the general manager’s visa was cancelled and she was replaced by another Digicel staff member.


Nauru says Facebook block a ‘temporary restriction’ to keep public safe from ‘sexual perverts’ (Guardian)


Be Extraordinary

John Gallen writes:

“Irish ad agency ‘Boys & Girls’  won Best of Show Overall Award at the Addys the world’s biggest advertising awards festival. The client is *cough* Broadsheet favourite Denis O’Brien’s Digicel and the ad will be shown in 31 markets as a brand ad for the Digicel Group. The ad is called ‘Be Extraordinary’. Fair play to the team at Boys & Girls ! It’s quite nice and beautifully executed.”

Directed by Chris Cottam for Fish Films.

Boys And Girls Pick Up An Addy (Adworld)


Denis O’Brien:
“So a thorn in my side just emigrated to warmer climes…”

Usain Bolt: “Jamaica?

DO’B: “No. She left of her own accord.”

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(Hat tip: Andrew Mullan and thanks MPW7)