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From top: Independent TD Micheal Lowry (third from right) with his political team John ‘Rocky’ McGrath, his son Micheál Lowry, Michael O’Meara, Shane Lee and Eddie Moran who all won seats in the local elections in Tipperary; a supposed fan of Lowry in Jamaica 

Michael Lowry TD writes on his Facebook page:

Kev is back in Montego Bay and is delighted that #TeamLowry achieved its #Drive4Five.

The drive for 5 is alive ya man.

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Denis O’Brien:
“So a thorn in my side just emigrated to warmer climes…”

Usain Bolt: “Jamaica?

DO’B: “No. She left of her own accord.”

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(Hat tip: Andrew Mullan and thanks MPW7)


Others hand them down.

A Radharc clip from 1976 of heavily Irish-accented residents in Montserrat.

As You Tuber Darzo notes: “Irish people exiled by Cromwell and African slaves arrived on Montserrat at about the same time.”

Helping to produce some fine, if hammy, tenors (2.17)