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egypt-flags_2608121bCairo, Egypt, last night.

Those debates are largely academic; what happened could be said to meet the definition of a coup, as well as that of a revolution.

But even though both words might apply, neither is in itself enough to describe what happened: It was both a coup and a popular movement, both the expression and subversion of Egypt’s democratic experiment.

And although some academic literature finds that coups can be democratizing that doesn’t make them democratic.

Is what happened in Egypt a coup or a revolution? It’s both (Washington Post)

Mohamed Morsi ousted in Egypt’s second revolution in two years (Guardian)


0_8e7fe_7a1b043c_XXL 0_8e7fc_f480fc04_XXLTwo of a series of pictures taken from the top of the 4,400 year old Great Pyramid at Giza by three Russian tourists last week.

Climbing the pyramid has been illegal since 1951 and is punishable by up to three years imprisonment. The tourists, who weren’t caught, claim they saw signatures in many languages engraved on the stones at the top, including that of a Russian tsar.

The photos went viral after being posted on the LiveJournal page of ringleader Vitaly Raskalov.

The three have since apologised for their actions.