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When asked to sum up the year in an emoji, the top five chosen by teens were the face-mask emoji, the crying emoji, the sick emoji, the confused emoji and the poo emoji.

Are the kids alright?

Katie Allen writes

An online survey of over 1,000* secondary school students by Irish mobile education app, Exit Entry has highlighted the challenges faced by Irish teens during 2020. The vast majority (88%) stated that their education had been adversely affected in 2020, due to having missed out on a conventional school year.

At an age when friendships are all-important, over half of those surveyed (55%) found not seeing their friends to be the most challenging aspect of Covid-19, ahead of home-schooling, the disrupted school year or anxiety about contracting the virus.

While a lifeline for some, only 5% of students have used Zoom to connect with friends.┬áTikTok currently reigns supreme as the social media app of choice with 58% choosing it as their favourite, with Snapchat as second choice with 20%….

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Exit Entry