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When asked to sum up the year in an emoji, the top five chosen by teens were the face-mask emoji, the crying emoji, the sick emoji, the confused emoji and the poo emoji.

Are the kids alright?

Katie Allen writes

An online survey of over 1,000* secondary school students by Irish mobile education app, Exit Entry has highlighted the challenges faced by Irish teens during 2020. The vast majority (88%) stated that their education had been adversely affected in 2020, due to having missed out on a conventional school year.

At an age when friendships are all-important, over half of those surveyed (55%) found not seeing their friends to be the most challenging aspect of Covid-19, ahead of home-schooling, the disrupted school year or anxiety about contracting the virus.

While a lifeline for some, only 5% of students have used Zoom to connect with friends.┬áTikTok currently reigns supreme as the social media app of choice with 58% choosing it as their favourite, with Snapchat as second choice with 20%….

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Exit Entry


A pharmacy project aimed at reducing teenage pregnancy has been launched in north and west Belfast. Community pharmacies will provide sexual health advice and, if needed, free emergency contraception to girls and young women aged from 16 to 19. It is a joint project from the Public Health Agency (PHA) and Health and Social Care Board (HSCB).

Dr Jillian Johnston from the PHA said: “The Public Health Agency wants to improve access to sexual health services for teenage women, particularly in areas of deprivation, and improve the sexual health of young people. She said young women could already access emergency contraception in pharmacies, but some may not be able to afford it. “There is a charge associated with it and that has been shown to be prohibitive, especially for young women.

Deirdre Quinn from the HSCB said “As well as offering timely access to emergency contraception, the pharmacist will use each opportunity to discuss other issues relating to sexual health, including the risks of unprotected sex and the importance of long-term contraception.”


Belfast pharmacy project to reduce teenage pregnancies (BBC News NI)