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 Deliveroo worker in Bow Street, Dublin last week

Not all heroes wear scrubs.

[Creative agency] Push Pull Media writes:

It only took a pandemic to reveal some of the most critical and important roles in our society.

When the dust eventually settles on Covid-19, it will be important to have a record, and to remind those eager to revert to “normality” how vital a cog these frontline workers are to our society. Those who:

Clean up after us,

Deliver our post and goods,

Operate our public transport,

Produce our food,

Dispose of our waste,

Keep the supermarkets stocked and open.

We are putting together a short documentary on the disproportionate burden frontline workers are carrying during this time.

The documentary will feature voice-over artists reading segments of transcribed interviews that we have with fronting workers.

If you work on the frontline during these times, we would love to chat to you [at link below].


Well. That transition from unskilled labour to essential worker went pretty damn quick (Push Pull Collective)