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 Deliveroo worker in Bow Street, Dublin last week

Not all heroes wear scrubs.

[Creative agency] Push Pull Media writes:

It only took a pandemic to reveal some of the most critical and important roles in our society.

When the dust eventually settles on Covid-19, it will be important to have a record, and to remind those eager to revert to “normality” how vital a cog these frontline workers are to our society. Those who:

Clean up after us,

Deliver our post and goods,

Operate our public transport,

Produce our food,

Dispose of our waste,

Keep the supermarkets stocked and open.

We are putting together a short documentary on the disproportionate burden frontline workers are carrying during this time.

The documentary will feature voice-over artists reading segments of transcribed interviews that we have with fronting workers.

If you work on the frontline during these times, we would love to chat to you [at link below].


Well. That transition from unskilled labour to essential worker went pretty damn quick (Push Pull Collective)


Saints, Scholars and Short-Term Lets: The Reality of AirBnB in Ireland,

A new documentary by PushPull Media Collective.

They write:

August 2018, in the midst of a nationwide housing emergency, there are roughly 10 times the available housing stock for rent on AirBnB in Dublin City as there are on Ireland’s leading property website daft.ie.

For this short documentary, we speak to those affected by AirBnB, from individuals being evicted to make way for AirBnB, to local business owners who cannot find housing for their staff due to short-term lets, to those on the front line campaigning for a change in this unregulated space. San Francisco Tenants Union filled us in on their experiences with AirBnB and the recent regulations that have been put in place there.

We also got the inside track from a company that services AirBnB properties in Dublin, who explain how they maneuver around London’s AirBnB regulations and how they anticipate doing the same in Dublin if regulations are enacted here.

PushPull Media Collective