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From top: EU Covid Cert; Junior minister Ossian Smyth

This afternoon.

Via Irish Examiner:

There will be a “continuing requirement” on people to provide proof of vaccine status for at least another year, a Government minister has indicated.

Minister of State Ossian Smyth has said the EU’s Digital Covid Cert scheme is due to expire at the end of June 2022, but he expects it will be required beyond that.

“I think that there will be a continuing requirement for vaccination status, if not in Ireland, certainly to travel. And what we have seen with the Delta threat is that a new variant can emerge without warning which is stronger or more contagious and requires new vaccinations to deal with it. So with that in mind, I would expect the Covid certification is going to continue.”

Proof of vaccine status likely to be in place for at least another year (Irish Examiner)


How long?

John Mulcahy writes;

Digital Covid Certificate helpline are being told to expect to wait at least 90 minutes before they can talk to an agent. This was my 3 hour experience.


This morning.

Dublin Airport.

Irish Holidaymakers hold aloft their EU Digital COVID Certificates. From today, it is possible to travel to Ireland from countries within the EU, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, with no requirement to quarantine if you have valid proof of: being fully vaccinated, having recovered from Covid-19 or have had a negative PCR test not more than 72 hours prior to arrival.