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Houlie writes:

Dublin city centre last night just before 10pm. This rank is usually mobbed with taxi’s. Not a taxi in sight on any of the ranks last night though. Thank god for the ‘foreigner’ taxi drivers who don’t care about Ireland soccer so when I could still get home when all the full time taxi drivers went on the piss.


He’s the friend who tells you to “snap out of it – she/he was too good for you”” minutes after getting dumped. At some point in the future you might need that advice but not right now.

He’s that guy.

‘We’re Not Here For A Sing-Song’, Fumes Roy Keane After Irish Defeat (The Score, Journal.ie)

Meanwhile, On Michael Owen’s twitter feed:


Thanks Michael Brett

Ciara Bolger writes:

Catching up on Torchwood while waiting for the match in East Ham [London]. It just might be the only flag in the area…that I’ve seen anyway.



Ali Lowndes writes:

Washing the sauce from the pot tricolour.



Samantha Brown writes:

It just happened.


Maycon: Dimas writes

This one come from Brazil. Unfortunately the picture was not taken by me — otherwise it’d be properly arranged — but Go Ireland anyway.



Ronan McGuire writes:

Enjoying a delicious, patriotic dinner with my friend Shane.



Kate from Re-Dress.ie writes:

Inadvertent tricolour.


John Murray writes:

The bi-national energy-saving and communist area of wall in my gaff of defiance.
Defiance o muerte!
Yours defiantly,
John Murray


Phil Smith writes:

Here’s the flag in my office in St. Kitts [West Indies] – it’s probably the only one flying in the country. Might fly it off my balcony at home later – watch this space.


Conor Foley writes:

It’s probably a metaphor or something.Toilets of Byrnes of Galloping Green, Stillorgan.


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