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From top: Sociologist and asylum seeker living in Ireland Evgeny Shtorn, from Russia; founder of the ‘Something From There’ Community Project

The National Gallery of Ireland writes:

The National Gallery in Dublin wishes to reach out to a wide range of people living in Direct Provision to explore your experiences of coming to and living in Ireland.

This artist-led project [conceived by Evgeny Shtorn] will take its lead from an object (or objects) that you brought here to Ireland with you, and the meaning that these objects might now have.

Participation in the project will include attendance at workshops in the gallery once a month between June and December 2019.

The gallery encourages people from all communities to apply, including members of the LGBTQIA+ community. There are a limited number of places available on this project.

The deadline to apply is May 22.

More details on the project and how to apply here

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You’re Cordially Invited

Evgeny Shtorn

Evgeny Shtorn, from Russia, is a human rights activist and asylum seeker living in Ireland.

He writes in the Dublin Inquirer:

I had been looking forward to the recent Pride Parade in Dublin with excitement. Back in Russia, I had helped to organise Pride events, but had never actually taken part in a parade, as they were always banned by the authorities.

…Our group was articulating a specific issue. Our banners read, “we are here”, “queer direct provision”, and “end direct provision”.

…We were ready to march. For most of us, it was the first time in an explicitly LGBT event.

Before we could make our stand, though, we had to wait. We waited for hours for other groups to pass by – the majority were huge corporations, banks, chain shops and new media companies who used Pride to advertise.

One after another they marched, their corporate logos decorated with rainbows. Two hours later, we LGBT asylum seekers, and other LGBT community groups finally got our chance to move.

Most of those watching the parade, those we wanted to hear and see our messages so they could think about them, had already gone…

Evgeny: My first pride parade wasn’t quite what I’ve hoped for (Dublin Inquirer)

Photo:  Jose Miguel Jiminez (Dublin Inquirer)