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The Aviva Stadium lit up in the Pride colours in 2019

This evening.

Via The Irish Sun:

Dublin’s Aviva Stadium will be lit up in the colours of Pride tonight to show support for members of the LGBTI+ community in Ireland.

The move comes in the wake of UEFA blocking Germany’s proposal to do likewise for their EURO 2020 fixture against Hungary.


Aviva Stadium to be lit up in rainbow colours of Pride tonight in solidarity with LGBTI+ community in Ireland (The Irish Sun)

Above from left: Aoife Foster, Pine Daly and Aster Dylan Scully

This morning.

Camden Row, Dublin 2

Members of Foróige, the National Youth Development Organisation attended the unveiling of their Shine With Pride mural by artist KinMxin in collaboration with SUBSET.

The artwork is inspired by the lived experiences of LGBTI+ young people who are part of Foróige. It tells the story of ‘how they found deep solace in nature during their coming out journeys while the central character in the artwork embodies LGBTI+ young people as they come out and blossom with pride’.


Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

Last night.

Dublin LGBTQ Pride tweeted:

On this day in 1983 the killers of Declan Flynn walked free. Eleven days later the first large-scale protest against LGBT+ discrimination in Ireland took place. Hundreds of people marched from Liberty Hall to Fairview Park. Dublin’s Stonewall moment, it led to the first Dublin Pride Parade in June [1983]..

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A poster from the Department of Justice in a Direct Provision centre in Dublin offering people living at the centre means to travel to Dublin’s LGBTQ Pride this weekend

The Department of Justice has placed posters in some Direct Provision centres in Dublin, telling residents that it will provide transport for those who wish to attend Dublin’s Pride this weekend.

Further to this.

The Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland has tweeted its thoughts on the offer…


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Zevo Health is Irelands ‘leading health and wellness programme providers for companies’

Zevo Health’s Aisling Weldon writes:

On June 28, Zevo Health are celebrating Dublin Pride by launching their Diversity and Inclusion workshop.

Join us for this free event from 1pm-2pm at the Academy, 42 Pearse Street for an informative conversation and personal stories shared that will be led by Vessy Tasheva and Zainab Boladale.

The event will be from 1pm to 2pm in The Snug in Huckletree Co-Working Space. We will be serving a light lunch, tea and coffee.

We are launching the workshop alongside the celebration of pride so we can celebrate the diversity Ireland has and help employers support their staff and employees support their colleagues.

Register here

Evgeny Shtorn

Evgeny Shtorn, from Russia, is a human rights activist and asylum seeker living in Ireland.

He writes in the Dublin Inquirer:

I had been looking forward to the recent Pride Parade in Dublin with excitement. Back in Russia, I had helped to organise Pride events, but had never actually taken part in a parade, as they were always banned by the authorities.

…Our group was articulating a specific issue. Our banners read, “we are here”, “queer direct provision”, and “end direct provision”.

…We were ready to march. For most of us, it was the first time in an explicitly LGBT event.

Before we could make our stand, though, we had to wait. We waited for hours for other groups to pass by – the majority were huge corporations, banks, chain shops and new media companies who used Pride to advertise.

One after another they marched, their corporate logos decorated with rainbows. Two hours later, we LGBT asylum seekers, and other LGBT community groups finally got our chance to move.

Most of those watching the parade, those we wanted to hear and see our messages so they could think about them, had already gone…

Evgeny: My first pride parade wasn’t quite what I’ve hoped for (Dublin Inquirer)

Photo:  Jose Miguel Jiminez (Dublin Inquirer)

Warning on 4Chan (above) and the damaged window of Panti Bar (top) after a brick duct taped with the Irish words for ‘Fairies Out Of Ireland’ was thrown through it last Friday

Further to last Friday’s brick-throwing at Panti Bar, on Capel Street, Dublin 1…

The pride-less lout provided real-time commentary on 4Chan.

Aaron Rogan and Ellen Coyne, of The Times Ireland edition, report:

An analysis of the 4chan website by Storyful…found that a person appeared to have been updating other users of the incident before it happened.

….Another poster posed the possibility of getting caught, to which the first poster replied: “Gardaí are about so that’s a possibility but I’m on a bike and can outspeed the ones on foot plus bouncers”.

At 11.03pm they wrote: “Fag herd at door has thinned taking my chance.” They told other posters to look for them in the papers. One replied “hope you end up in prison” and another said “god speed”.

Anonymous posts linked to brick attack on gay bar (Aaron Rogan and Ellen Coyne, Times Ireland edition)

4Chan Thread

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Pics: Ultan Mashup and Panti Bliss


All better.

Panti Bar yesterday.

Thanks Ultan Mashup