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This morning.

Dublin city Centre,

Stylish social media icon James Kavanagh, the influencer formerly known as Exchequer Street Boy, urges revellers to stay green but go yellow  this St Patrick’s Day.

Paul Nallon writes:

James is encouraging families and shoppers to do their bit for the environment by joining him in taking part in the Dublin #CircleCity campaign and popping their empty plastic bottles and cans into one of the brightly coloured #CircleCity recycling bins dotted around the busy streets of Dublin, funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation and rolled out by Dublin City Council and environmental charity Hubbub…

Name that coat and trainers, anyone?

Pic: Julien Behal


Models Tim and Deirdre reenacting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden in a video for Church at the Pint, Eden Quay, Dublin tomorrow night.

Direct from the mind of James Kavanagh.

Yes. Exchequer Street Boy!

James writes:

Church has been on hiatus for two months while our venue the Pint has been refreshed and secured its late licence. We’re now back and bigger and better than ever. We just released our new video and would love if you give it a share as a lot of effort went into it.


Service starts at 11PM. €5

The Pint (Facebook)