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Simon Schoar has lovingly crafted this wonderful standalone Floppy Disk Jukebox.

Housed in a machined black aluminium rail are 8 drives modified with LEDs.

These play MIDIs provided from a SD card reader, allowing the unit to act as a proper jukebox.

He’s even provided details on how to build your own should you have enough floppy drives lying about in your ‘man’ drawer.

His version of the Tetris theme certainly beats out a pair of drives, to be fair.

The Most Beautiful Floppy Disk Jukebox Ever

Thanks Ewok


Dublin developer par excellence, Ross Duggan, has been playing around with Arduino and produced this delightful video of a pair of floppy drives playing the Tetris theme. Our hearts sing with joy as we watch it. Figuratively.

Starting with Arduino (Musical Floppy Drives!)