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This morning.

Outside the High Court.

Members and supporters of Friends of the Irish Environment gather ahead of the group taking a case against the State.

The group is asking the High Court to quash the Government’s National Mitigation Plan arguing that the Government’s approval of the plan in 2017 was in violation of Ireland’s Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015 (the Climate Act 2015), the Constitution and human rights obligations.

The group also claims that the plan falls far short of the steps required by the Paris Agreement on climate change.

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Climate Case Ireland: ‘Riding on crest of global wave of climate litigation’ (Green News)

Top pic: Grace O’Sullivan

Friends of the Irish Environment write:

Friends of the Irish Environment’s recent visit to our study area in the raised bogs of the midlands revealed even more intense destruction of our bogs than when we began monitoring in 2009, with lands excavated down to the mineral layer, making rehabilitation virtually impossible.

…see for yourself in this three-minute video what is happening in the biggest unauthorised use of land in Europe.

Friends of the Irish Environment

Thanks Martin Osborne